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  1. Hello @j.robin3 US Orléans is now affiliated to USM Olivet, and has "good relations" with Saint-Pryvé Saint-Hilaire. For the latter it is not a "real" affiliation but they should play friendlies and a few players should go on loan to Saint-Pryvé from time to time. This is at least the settings I have requested. I added Haïti as Carnejy Antoine's second nationality. Moussa Seydi's profile has been tweaked as we do for most of the players during the winter update Thanks for your help. Really appreciated.
  2. Hello, Regarding Plabennec, the city is called Plabennec in the game. If you consider the club we write Stade Plabennécois, as we write Plabennécois or Plabennécoise for people living there. I don't see any issue here. Are you using any unofficial update ?
  3. According to Nathan Diyangi's LinkedIn profile, he arrived at the club in july for the reserve team but I know it is difficult to have details about other teams than the senior A team for this club. It seems he is playing for Avoine Chinon since october, so I will ask to send him there in the DB. Nice spot. Yann Kouadio is now created, and hopefully will be in for the release. In the DB the club nickname is already L'Etoile Rouge . Jeremy Labor is now set as the vice-captain. About player ratings, tweakings will be made but for the winter patch. I had a discussion about Koïta's first name with the Red Star assistant researcher last year, but I can't remember why we decided to let Seybou instead of changing for Bachibou. I just remember there was a reason . I will check with him again later. Heights and weights updated. Thank you @ThijsFrank, it helped
  4. Thank you @renato., I just logged both values in the DB.
  5. Algeria set as declared nation, I don't know if it will be in for the release but at least it is now requested. Thank you This one is also requested but, again, I can't promise it will be implemented in the final release. Thanks !
  6. Segura and Tabué are already at Sète, the beta is just not updated yet. We had a discussion with @AlienIR about Soumaré, and it seems this player is playing for Chambly reserve, so if you have any evidence he is indeed playing for Sète it would really help us I just asked the studio to remove Sansone. Nice spot. Regarding Chapuis and Desjardin, if you have any information about their date of birth and which year they started to work for this club, it would help to create them. I can't promise it will be done for the final release as I don't have control over the DB anymore, but I would do it for the winter patch at least. Thanks for your help !
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