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    I am the real 'Jake Nash'
  1. konchesky isnt on loan at notts forest?
  2. Haggling player contracts!

    i had to wait four weeks before gai assulin's agent would talk to me again!
  3. never rest them in a midweek league game but as liverpool in europa league....I rest players for europa league, league cup etc! Leagues the priority!
  4. Hey Guys Finally got round to buying the game and started my liverpool save last night!! Spent a good few solid hours clearing out rubbish backroom staff and getting a training regime together for both 1st team and youth. (i have no experience of this so it really could go tits up lol!) OUTS: Babel - loan - B. Munich Konchesky - loan - Villa INS: E. Hazard - 16.75m T. Hazard - 1.8m Kevin - 2m Coentrao - 7.75m A.Chamberlain - 575k Just played 1st league game which ended in a poor 0-0 away at West ham. Should have won but an unfit torres could only make the bench and Ngog missed a few golden chances. Still in the Market for a striker and possibly CM. Im playing a 4-3-3 so could use an extra option in midfield. Will update soon once I make it to the end of transfer window so i have a better idea about my team!
  5. haha right cheers for the reply. Shame though because they look half decent irl
  6. sorry for asking again but i wont get the game till next week and theres more of you online now amoo or eccelstone any use this year??
  7. The Never Quite Made Its

    What ever happened to the leeds LM Harpal Singh???? in CM 00/01 he was UNREAL!!!!!
  8. FM11- Touted/dubbed as thread

    TORTURE?? seems frings is into bondage!
  9. Hey guys just wondering if you could tell me how good amoo and eccelston are shaping up? They've been so poor in past games i was hoping they may have a bit more promise this year?
  10. Footballers who play FM and a celebrity or two.

    Abu Hamza..... Not great tactically as the sliders are too damn sensitive for him and BOY it gets messy when he looses!
  11. I downloaded it and have loaded it up a few times started a game and looked around the new features but then think to myself why commit to a few hours of my life when i will only start a new one when the new game comes out! so ive uninstalled it and will just wait for the new one!
  12. easily my fav new element of the game ! Loved tellin Itandje to do one!
  13. Plan for 5th November

    seeing as i won a free copy i will just be hoping it arrives on time!