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  1. Watching the opening match of the World Cup right now, with the almost 39 years old Ignashevich playing, I'm wondering - who's the oldest player you've ever had play in competitive match(es) for you? How well did he play for you? In my limited FM career, my oldest player was Mark Roberts, whom I've signed with a team managing in the Scottish Premiership. Despite not being particularly pacey, he turned out to be a solid defender owing to his incredible mental stats. (He had 20 leadership, I think, and several other mental stats in the 16-18 range.) His physicals started to decay pretty fast later on, but I did give him a couple of games even at 35 years of age - although only as an emergency backup when I had injury problems with my other defenders. He also tutored a youngster or two and then eventually became a coach for the team. I do wonder though, did y'all have any success with players who were perhaps even older than that?
  2. Ah, that makes much more sense, thanks. Interesting, given that there doesn't appear to be any prize money for the league (or at least the game doesn't state it). Still, depends on how many people attend matches and all that, it might not be a significant limiting factor in this case.
  3. I've been offered a job by Rapid Wien, and I was looking at the rules of the Austrian Bundesliga. One of the strange rules I found was the one you can see in the thread title. What exactly does that mean? I thought "turnover" meant the change in balance over a period of time, but that can't possibly be it, since it would mean that as soon as a club made a net loss over a season (or whatever period is checked), the wage budget would be zero. So how exactly is this calculated? I want to know what this rule means exactly before I commit to Austria (if I do so at all... I've been getting a lot of interview offers from stronger teams in my current playthrough after I just won the Cup and League Cup in Scotland...).
  4. I'm not sure if this is still the case in FM17, but I think that one thing you can do is install a custom skin which adds the "Instant Result" button. Basically, the "Instant Result" button is a somewhat wonky tool that I wouldn't really recommend for regular play as it can make your assistant manager do strange and unpredictable stuff in matches, but I do tend to use it when the same thing happens as with you - after a game crash, when I want to recover a particular result. Instant Result does what's on the tin - simulating the match and generating a result instantly, without you having to play it out. You can then just reload until you get your favorable result back.
  5. It would be pretty funny if Hungarian teams could get free stadium upgrades and state funding if the Chairman of the club is of the right political affiliation... but alas, stuff like this really doesn't belong to the game. Though I wonder if this is something that could be done by modding?
  6. I'll still hold out for some hope that someone might be able to give me some input on this...
  7. Probably a number of factors. One thing I see is you had a lot of long shots - Bournemouth probably just went ultra-defensive and your players got impatient and started shooting at the goal from miles away. Also, maybe Bournemouth is such a weak team that your players, in the wake of that string of victories, were way too overconfident - and if you praised them too much before, that might have made the problem worse. There was probably also some bad luck involved. Did you watch the match? What happened? Did they just lump it forward to that one guy who then outran your defenders? Did they actually build up attacks? I'm not sure I can provide better advice based on the answers to those questions, but maybe someone else can. I often have this kind of problem too, where the bottom team in a league tends to have an inordinately high chance to kick my ass, even when I try everything I can to avoid overconfidence (I tend to do far better against mid-table teams, whether my team's weak or strong, than against relegation fodder).
  8. So, on FM14, I've been taking a bigger interest in managing my squad's training lately. I'm playing a team which is rather young in general, with a lot of players between 20-25 years old and even a few younger ones - my strategy was to focus on development of younger players, as this was something the board wanted as well. So far, things seemed to go well - I had my senior squad on average general training and average individual training for most players (light individual training for older players and unhappy ones where I figured keeping them happy was more important than further development, heavy training for the youngest and most promising prospects) and my youth squad on low general training and heavy individual training for all (I was given this advice earlier and it seemed to work out well so far). Most of my variations were just about switching around the type of general training for the seniors (Fitness at low intensity during the pre-season to avoid racking up training injuries and get them into shape, then focusing on Attack/Defend/Ball Control for most of the season with a bit of this and that mixed in). For the most part, this seemed to work out well enough, as over 5-6 seasons, I did have several players show marked improvements. But I've been looking at the "Happiness" and "Development" bars of the players lately - in particular the latter. What I've been noticing that most players - even the professional ones with good potential - typically seem to have a half-full, orange-colored bar. Only my youngest and most professional prospects show 'green' development. That made me wonder, have I been doing it wrong? Have I not been developing my players as well as I could have? I'm not sure if the half-full orange bar means "mediocre, not terrible, but I could be doing things much better" or "average, this is what you can expect your typical player to get, a greener, fuller development bar is just the rare positive exception". I have 'great' training facilities and 'superb' youth facilities too. Am I making any obvious mistakes, or is this just the best I can expect to get? How do you set your training up, and does it produce better results? I've been having issues with one particular player. He is one of the most talented players in my squad, except that he still hasn't reached his full potential - even though he's been in the club for a good 4-5 years. He complains even at the lowest levels of training that I've been setting, even when he's given only light individual training - he says it's too much for him. He's "fairly ambitious" - not the best personality type, but I would think he wants to improve and better himself at least somewhat, but no. He refused to listen to me when I criticized his training level - although to be fair, his development is only slightly worse than average. Should I lighten his load as much as possible to keep him happy or continue going hard on him in training? (At least until I find a better player and sell the whiny little baby...) Bonus question: Should I still keep tutoring my young players once their personality is as perfect as I can get them to be? If so, is it worth it to do so even if it might lead to a slightly worse personality (e.g. Professional -> Fairly Professional)? (P.S. I've got this skin I downloaded which has the "Happiness" and "Development" bars show up along with some other info in a box on the player's overview - I'm not sure right now if it's there by default.)
  9. I'm just wondering, what's my objective when it comes to team talks before/during/after a match? Should I just seek to maximize green reactions and minimize red reactions (regardless of what I have to say to do that), or can things like "I expect a win today" still have positive effects (like making the players take the match seriously in a hidden, behind-the-scenes manner that isn't reflected by morale) even if all the reactions end up being neutral, grey reactions like "Listened keenly" or "Nothing specific noted"? Are some types of green reactions better than others? I mean, I suspect it might be - "Seemed motivated" or "Seemed fired-up" seems to be a better reaction in most cases than a simple "Looked happy". Can red reactions have positive effects (like "Looked stressed" - sure, that's a bad thing for the most part, but at least he should take the match seriously at that point)? Is it ever worth saying "I have nothing specific to say to right now", when it mostly just seems to elicit neutral or red (confused) reactions? If I really have nothing to say, isn't it strictly better to just skip the team talk? (This is on an older version BTW. In my version of FM, I don't see instant morale changes after a team talk, while I saw in Youtube LPs that on newer FM versions, morale changes from team talks show up instantly after you click the team talk option.)
  10. Playing FM2014 right now in case that's relevant. Basically, I have my three tactics on the team right now, all with perfect mastery of each aspect (the green bar is filled). Let's say I want to change my tactics for just one match, for one particular opponent, e.g. by using an attacking midfielder instead of a defensive one and raising the tempo of my game. What's the best way to do this? I can think of two approaches: one is to change things up on the tactics screen before the match. This has the advantage that my team will start playing with the new tactic, but does have the disadvantage that I've got to remember what exactly I'll have to change back to how it was before. Alternatively, I can change my tactics right after kickoff, which means I won't have to worry about ruining my normal tactics or forgetting to change something back later, but does mean that for the first couple of minutes, my players will not be playing in the way they should be. Which is the best way (or is there a secret third way that's better than both of these, ensuring I can start with my new chosen tactic while my three normal tactics remain untouched otherwise)? If I choose the first approach, will my players start to forget the tempo/formation/etc. settings for how I had the tactic set up previously (since for the duration of that one match, my original tactic is not there among the three I have saved)? If I choose the second, will my players perform worse due to having the tactics "unexpectedly" changed on minute 1, and being confused as a result? (Beyond the possible issues of telling them to play in roles not previously practiced.)
  11. Real life football is an incredibly filthy, rotten, corrupt business. It is disappointing to see that SI chose to simulate exactly that aspect of football...
  12. I hear ya - I've always had this problem with FM too, where I can try whatever tactic and barely get results anyway, I never really get feedback on what's right and what's wrong with my tactic (let's not count the random pile of contradictory "advice" the assistant manager spews during a match), and it seems like there is a caste of FM players (probably hardcore football enthusiasts IRL) who just understand this game and know what to do whenever they run into a problem, and then there are the rest of us who are just completely mystified. Still though, I'm just wondering what your experience was. What do you mean "wasted"? Did you just lose a bunch of games in a row? Did you get relegated from La Liga as Barcelona?
  13. So I've loaded up my latest save again. (I tend to play this game for a few dozen hours about once every 6-12 months before I get overwhelmed and take a break...) Right now, I've booted up my Falkirk save. As of now, I've completed my fourth season at the club, having promoted to the Premiership in the second season and fighting against relegation since (I just finished 10th). Here's what I'm wondering about... the club's finances seem to be in a constant freefall. I'm not sure about the exact sums, since I'm having the game display them in my native currency, but converting it all to GBP in my head... right now, the club is around 800k pounds in the positive. That's after selling my most talented young player for around 1.4M pounds just past halfway this season (which was a hard decision since I really liked him, but at the same time, there was plenty of competition for his spot in the main squad, and I didn't want to risk something going wrong in his training and letting him be wasted...), and after getting around 900k pounds for my 10th place in the Premiership. I'm almost regretting having sold that star youth already since it seems like it was just a bandaid on the wound - during the season I just finished, I was losing around 100k-150k pounds every month. My wage budget is just below 110k pounds per month, which I'm using to the fullest. (The board is offering a slightly higher budget if I change expectations from "avoid relegation" to "mid-table".) I'm already having a hard enough time staying up, so I can't really cut my players' wages (and thereby quality) too much. I've actually been trying to trim my players' wages recently, signing some new contracts with some of them getting some wage cuts, but there's only so much I can do. I'm seeing about 30k/month being spent on scouting, but I'm not sure which assignment takes up how much of that. Realistically, I'm pretty sure that my best option is to somehow increase my income and try to actually get that mid-table finish next season, but I'm just not sure how to earn money. I arrange profitable friendlies every opportunity I get (when there's some free time between fixtures), but I'm having trouble getting money from transfers in particular. Aside from that one star youth, and Philip Roberts, who was still my player when I started the save, I've not been able to sell anyone for more than 300k. I sold a couple of players for sums around 100k, but I always felt like I got ripped off later on. I was hoping for people from my youth academy to deliver, but while I've had a couple players who are decent enough as backups for my side, with four-star potentials and the like, I'm not actually getting any decent offers for any of them, even the ones I transfer listed. Even with my adult players, the best ones don't seem to be worth all that much - I get offers for various players every transfer window, and few players have more than 100k offered for them, with people offering 10-20k pounds sometimes for players who are really good for my team. Is there some sort of secret to getting good money for players? Especially young players? Or getting people interested in them, at least? On a different note, I've been trying to run a direct attacking playstyle on my team. Right now, my two main tactics have two wingers (in AM positions), and two CWBs, along with one striker. The wingers and CWBs have all been on 'attack' lately, while I've tried various types of strikers. I've had the most success with an AF (with wingers on 'support' back then) and a False Nine, but no matter what I try, my team is struggling to create chances that aren't just long shots from outside the penalty box. This seems to be the biggest issue with my team lately. I didn't want to create a separate thread for this with all the details, since I like the idea of figuring out my own tactics (and if other people construct a perfect tactic for me, I probably won't find it to be all that much fun), but I'm just looking for a general tip or two here. Assume I've got two fast wingers with good crossing and decent all-around stats, and a striker who's decently fast, with decent mental stats, but mostly special for an excellent Finishing and Long Shot attribute. What kind of striker should I use my striker as? What'd be the best arrangement for two wingers/CWBs each and one striker, in general? Unfortunately I don't have much time nor resources to overhaul my team before the start of the next season, so I'm just trying to figure out how to arrange the players I already have. I've already concluded from a few internet searches that I'd probably be better off having two inside forwards instead of the wingers, but that's only an emergency option for me since, as I've said, I have little time or money for such overhauls, and my current wingers aren't great as inside forwards (the two best wingers have no proficiency playing on the opposite side). Any help is appreciated - while I try to figure out how to make some progress with the team, in case my plans to jump ship to a club of bigger stature somewhere in England/Germany/elsewhere don't work out...
  14. Thanks for the replies! I guess I was asking because I got into a really bad run with my team recently, despite having changed almost nothing and the tactics having worked before, and it kind of got me thinking about what kind of problem might be present when such poor runs suddenly start. Plus sometimes I almost feel like these games are designed for diehard football fanatics and more casual football enthusiasts like myself are prone to getting hopelessly lost when problems arise - it's frustrating when I've no idea what I need to fix, and when it takes half a season to experiment until I find a solution, my position can be in jeopardy as well. Maybe there's one question I should really be asking: Is there a "what to do if everything is going wrong" guide out there? (Though in my case, I guess I was lucky with the experimentation because I continued playing with a slightly tweaked tactic and I've been getting much better results... but this isn't always the case, often everything just implodes altogether.)
  15. So I've recently returned to Football Manager (not the newest version, but I figure there's so little change between the recent versions that it shouldn't matter that much for my question) and I've been thinking about something. I'm by no means a huge football pro in real life - I know a thing or two about the game, but not as much as many others here seem to. I figure that shouldn't be that much of a problem when playing this game, but at the same time, it feels like it's difficult for me sometimes to tell whether the specific things I do with my team are affecting my team's success (whether positively or negatively) or if they don't matter much at all. I understand that buying the right players and setting up a good tactic is important (although sometimes, with the latter, it's hard to tell whether I'm doing things right or not as well), but otherwise... Sometimes, I watch Youtube LPs of Football Manager and am left wondering: the Let's Players often seem to ignore or automate a lot of the aspects of Football Manager. Many times I see players delegating all their training to the assistant manager, or more or less ignoring the financials entirely. Maybe some of the stuff they do is simply not shown on screen, but at other times they explicitly mention they don't touch this or that mechanic or much. So, I guess there are a couple of assorted questions that spring to mind... Training, financial management, handling the media, managing the players' morale... how important are these to success, really? I'm sure they are not irrelevant, but how much more can you get out of your team by meddling with these and personally taking care of these kinds of things as opposed to just leaving it to your assistant to deal with? Regarding tactics, it sometimes feels like all you need to do is set up one good tactic and that'll carry you, at least when I watch those LPs. I sometimes try to experiment with changing team instructions or formations when things are going wrong, but aside from doing Attacking/Overload when I need to score at any cost, it's hard to tell sometimes what effect things like this have, or what I'm doing right. I guess what I'm trying to ask is - what kind of changes should I generally consider first when things are going wrong (whether just in one match or over the season in general)? Well, anyway, that's all the questions I can think of for now. I often see players who start with a team (lower leagues or higher up, doesn't matter) and just start winning and keep winning - and I do sometimes wonder what it is in particular that they are doing that makes it look so easy.
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