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  1. Buy FM2013 for £19.50

    lovely, thanks.
  2. do the validating 3 times - worked for me after the 3rd attempt
  3. How do you get ass. managers/coaches to select the team?
  4. haha this co-commentator is so clueless.
  5. Skins not working on Mac....

    I've had no problems with any packs or skins in previous years with FM on Windows 7 but can't for the life of me work out what to do on mac. I have tried the facepacks and logos with no luck, and now downloaded skins aren't showing up.... I'm putting them in the SI folder in my documents as usual, is there anything I have to do different on my mac?
  6. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    It's save game compatible isn't it?
  7. OFFICIAL FM2011 Demo First Impressions Thread

    Link not working Kris....
  8. OFFICIAL FM2011 Demo First Impressions Thread

    Why is there no dark skin?!? I hate the bright one.....
  9. Football Manager 2011 release date

    If I pre-order off steam are there separate versions for windows and macs or is that one cross compatible?
  10. basically, just installed the game through steam and want to delete a couple of files, as well as put a fix for competition names, but can't locate the actual game files anywhere?! I know there is the user/documents/sports interactive folder, but this isn't where these files are... Cheers in advance
  11. hmm cheers for reply marc. I still think 6.99 for something which is going to re-released is a bit too pricey myself though. You can pick up the full version for around that now.
  12. Was thinking of getting this for my ipod touch but was wondering when the new season comes whether it will automatically get updated or would I need to get the game again? In which case I will just wait...