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  1. I understand what the Rotation role is, I just think its stupid because it doesn't mirror a real life role. Now for the players two of them were Vasquez and Jese being upset that they were being behind Ronaldo and Bale in playing time. Now do you honestly think that its realistic that they would complain, and not back down, over not getting enough minutes ahead of Ronaldo and Bale?
  2. That's part of the problem rotation players seem to want way more playing time then they would get in the real world. I see Key Players as players who will play every game and only not start due to injury and sometimes resting them, while First Team are players who will get the majority of minutes. Rotation Players to me, are those who will only get minutes as subs and starts when the other players aren't able to, injuries, suspensions or resting, and then Backups are those who are lucky to get minutes, mainly only used due to injures or similar things. Overall, my complaint was I started a new game and 10 games into it and I had 4 rotation players all get upset that they only got 4 starts and came in the rest off the bench for the other games.
  3. I can understand that but this was a new game and I had been manager for 2 months.
  4. I am 11 games into the first season and I have had 6 players all come to me to demand more playing time. For two of them I understand since they are on first team squad status and I'm not starting them, don't fit my tactics, but the other four are all on rotation status and have played about 4-7 of the games, some as starters. Is this a known issue, or are my players all just full of themselves? Also, any tips to keep them happy?
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