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  1. One thing I've noticed is that the game runs much quicker now. The days seem to just fly by. edit: Also, the responsiveness of the UI has been greatly enhanced. No more waiting until ticking include/exclude reserve squad and so on...
  2. Guess it's time for my yearly attempt at this: Wingate & Finchley have a new manager: http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o777/hassebasse/HasseBasse_OverviewProfile.png
  3. Thanks, I'll give the demo a try when my computer is once again capable of running it
  4. drat, was really hoping this was the year they implemented that. Ah well, I can wait for fm 14
  5. Hi all Have anyone tried playing with a 3 man or a 5 man defense so far? How is it in this version of fm? Do the central defenders still stand grouped in the middle of the pitch? My gaming rig crashed, so I haven't had a chance to try the demo yet
  6. Hi Read through the ME changelist, but couldn't find the answer, Is it viable playing with 3 centrebacks now? By that I mean will they fan out wide when in possession, or do they still stay bunched together in the middle? Also, when playing with 3 centrebacks, do the wide midfielders revert to instant full backs, or has that been fixed?
  7. Hassebasse Carshalton 2012-2013 bss (season 2) A horrible start, hovering around relegation for the first half of the season. Defensively I'm doing ok, but couldn't score to save the whales. Ended the season on a high, winning 8 of my last 12 matches League Table Positional graph Transfers Squad Top Scorer Goals for the new season: Promotion Ps: Cups suck arse
  8. Thanks. Simple seems to be the key for me. Anyone else had trouble signing staff? They seems to be willing to sign for 300 a week, which i cant offer
  9. Hassebasse Carshalton Athletic 2011-2012 (season 1) Took 11 matches to record my first win, and spent the first half of the season fiddling with different tactics. That didn't go so well, so settled for a basic direct 442, and got some decent results towards the end of the season. League Table Positions graph I let my assman do all the recommendations regarding player signings, as I couldn't hire a coach or scout, nor physio to save my life Transfers Squad No players stood out, although my central defenders didn't make complete fools of themselves. My top scorer ended with an amazing 8 goals in all competitions! No reason to mention the cups..... Goals for the new season: Play offs and hiring some staff!!
  10. yes, got a 5 star rating at the predicted game speed, seems nice To bad Merthyr Tydfil went bust... Anyone know where the screen shots end up when you have installed the game with steam? Can't find them
  11. Well, 4 losses in 4 games, it'll be interesting to see how long they keep hold of me
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