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  1. Annihilator V1 is the new #1 at FM-Arena! https://fm-arena.com/table/6-Patch-20-3-0-20-4-0/
  2. I changed him to a Right Midfielder. Maybe that is an option.
  3. How many % would you say Cerber and Fury are better than Excecutioner?
  4. Would you recommend Cerber or Executioner? And will you also update Executioner with the throw in setup?
  5. Executioner V2 is also amazing, so I hope it is not needed to change something, besides maybe some set pieces
  6. @Totalfootballfan The new version consists ME v2040, so you know. Maybe there are some changes
  7. I have the same problem, and play with a highest division team. With Bloodlust V1, which is a 442, I didn't have such a problems.
  8. @Totalfootballfan Bloodlust V1 did amazingly well (because mainly I have some really good strikers). How much better is V2 compared to V1. Only issue for me is that I cannot use my 2 best strikers now Are you really sure V2 is better than V1?
  9. Seems like 4-4-2 is always coming back to the surface, haha.
  10. Where I look at are the match odds. Are you favorite or equal, choose Cerber. Is the opponent favorite, then I choose Ashbringer.
  11. @Totalfootballfan How far are you with the testing whether the best tactic of all at OP is?
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