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  1. mate could agree more.... i have played this game since 95 and this time around i cant even get rid of my best players in my team. One of my players was worth 3 million.. i offered it to the clubs ineterested for 1 million and even 500k they all said no.. its doing my head in
  2. hey Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem as my data editor does not load.. I am managing newcastle and andy carroll is way under rated in this game and wanted to change it but its not working.. any ideas?
  3. Matt's TTF Set

    hey just wondering can i use these with any formation?? or is best suited to a particular formation .. i ahve been looking for something like this for ages.. thanks... i usually make up my own but takes ages to work out wat works and so on..
  4. network game help ...

    thanks.. we just cant join server i follwed instructions now and did some port forwarding so hopefully that helps.. thanks
  5. hey i know this is not where u post for a network game but i need help asap .. can some one walk me through step by step on how to make it work... do i need to change my modem settings??? is there are link with instructions at all ??? sorry for posting here.. thanks
  6. hey just wondering if i need to start a new game when the patch is installed or can i just continue playing my game ???? thanks.
  7. is the mac patch out?? if so where? thanks the injuries are killing me...
  8. nope... always start as newcastle.. even more of a challenge.. gotta try and win some silverware
  9. mine working fine.... 2 matches from end of first season
  10. i love the game ...but

    make that 9 strikers now..
  11. i am loving playing this game... i tihnk its great but ATM... i have 8 of my 9 strikers out injured... even my reserves are gone... and all for near a month.. god help me.. i need that mac patch
  12. this game....

    love it too love it.. althought a mac patch will be nice but i still love them game with out it
  13. Didn't the patch fix the injuries??

    i am nearly at the end of my season and the injuries get better.. make sure u play them when fully fit .. dont gamble.... and its not too bad there are weird injuries everynow adn then .. but not as bad at the start of the game and i dont have the patch
  14. My Thoughts on FM09

    true true i just watch cup finals or derby games in 3d the rest is 2D faster....