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  1. I was in the first round of the playoffs, tied 3-3 with the Capitals. When I went to advance to game 7 the game crashed on April 25, 2020. I restarted, lost the series 4-2 and it crashed again when I tried to proceed past that date. Restarted Steam, still crashes. Restarted computer, still crashes. Every time it crashes on the same date but allowed me to play as normal up until that point. The error message I receive is a windows error popup "Eastside Hockey Manager has stopped working" No idea what the issue could be as the game works fine until that date
  2. Problem still exists in 15.11.0b. Tampa Bay is over the cap. Offer Sheet for young future star at 2.5m/yr. Would owe a 2nd round draft pick so I wasn't expecting to get the player. After 7 days Tampa board voids the offer sheet and does not match it either. I offered a 2nd offer sheet to the same player and exact same thing happened. Reality would have had Tampa do a cap dump trade or place players on the waiver wire so they could match the offer. That may be difficult to code though.
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