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    Editor 20

    We've seen the features for the main game for FM20, are there any features or changes for the Editor for this year please?
  2. thanks, well best I go and cancel that order then....pfft, save £4 or wait 2 weeks....no brainer had that sinking feeling when placed it and nothing happened, lol.
  3. hmm, just purchased through Amazon and with Prime, got it for £34, the dvd version, should get a beta code still correct?
  4. A way to export list of clubs / players etc so when preparing ideas for databases it is much easier to put clubs in the leagues required rather than typing out team names etc into a spreadsheet.
  5. In past versions, I have been able to change these comps to just be a 1 match "final" between 2 lowly ranked teams which meant all the midweek fixture dates were released for a European Club league I create as Secondary Divisions in the English Pyramid with full promotion and relegation and regional leagues. I didn't attempt this in 2015 and in this year's version, I cannot seem to be able to do it. Any bright sparks out there able to point me in the correct direction please? I have reduced the registered teams to 2 in both comps, gone into advanced panels and named the countries to pull teams from (Andorra and Gibraltar) and number of teams from each, but each time I start a new game, the original competitions are still there. It's probably something really simple, but I just can't get my head round it. Thanks in advance. Andy
  6. I only have one question: Can lists from the in game editor be exported to excel or similar package?
  7. I have been literally pulling my hair out with this. Thanks very much indeed Psycho, knew it had to be something simple! In FM11 I had dozens of leagues setup, so of course my Secondaries worked!
  8. Have you managed to get promotion and relegation to work in the Secondary Divisions? I couldn't get more than 1 Secondary to appear in game, let alone promotion. I have been trying exactly what you have been doing but in Liechtenstein. I would be interested to hear how you have managed to get this to work.
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