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  1. Hi, So me and my mate have been playing over network since... well forever. We are always plaing at hsi place, on the same network. Now the game keeps freezing during network games. The game says not responding when checking in the Ctrl-alt-del. So, it have never happened in any game before. FM15 and 16 we have played on same computeres as the one we are playing 17. one. Both have played alot singel player without any freeze issues. We even tried playing some more 16 just to be safe, no problem with freezing. It does not freeze at same place. we have tried starting several games, still noting. So basically we have ruled out network issues. we have ruled out the computeres as they work fine on single player and work fine on old games. ANd we are only running FM and nothing els while playing Oh, none of us are using any interfances or other graphic packs. just clean install
  2. I hope this is a bug or I just want to ask for a refund. Seriously. Missing 4 penaltys in a final, with players having 16 and 14 in penalty. Then loosing on penaltys. really? And I missed penalty in the FA Cup final aswell... If it isnt a bug then something is wrong, because this isnt realistic at all
  3. The winger bug is holding me back from playing to much with them as I want a long term game. Downing had like 7 goals in 5 matches for me... Anyway I have to admit I am very disapointed with the work done with liverpool this season. Think its kinda lazy from SI on the players stats. Some are to good and some are to poor. All in all it properly balances out, but still it is annoying to play when I feel its wrong stats wise. For example, Allen got 15 in passing while Gerrard got 16? really? Allen that have had 1 game under 90% passing this season, and Gerrard that have had 1 over? And it was the same story last season. Enrique is to good tbh, he should have a decrese, while Wisdom, Sterling and Suso should have a slight upgrade. I just feel that if Suso, Sterling Wisdom was playing in Germany,Spain or som forein league they would get world beaters stats. Sometimes talents in england get thougher love really. Agger they havnt changed for how many FM games now? Really? after last season... Carra is to good aswell, and maby Johnson should be worse in defence and abit better in attack overall the team skillwise is ok. Its like not in the top, but the players is wrong balanced. Downing should be worse on crosses, otherwise got a decrese that is fine Anyway starting a game when the winger problem get solved.
  4. Dont think there really a injury problem in FM 12, have had very few injurys myself, and can expect to have up to 10 injurys at times(never had that myself in this game)... Just look at Arsenal and United. United had at one point out 11 players, so you can expect the same if the game is realistic... Ofc you can be unlucky, I had 5 Injurys in my first game with Liverpool, 2 long term, but I take that as unlucky as I havnt experienced anything like that in FM12. Most injurys I have had at one time is 5... And then with two very injury prone players...
  5. I have to say I cant enjoy a long term game in FM12. But I can enjoy playing 2-3 seasons... More than that and I get bored... And yes its the transfer system that ruins it for me most of the time. Its the worst we have had for a while by far...
  6. Just finished my 2. Season and are starting to buy some players... Some players just cost a redicules amout of cash. Anyway this is my team after I bought Lucas Moura and Modrid: XI: Reina - Johnson,Hummels,Agger,Enrique - LucasL,Modric - LucasM,Gerrard,Hazard - Suarez Reserve XI: Gulacsi - Flanno,Kelly,Coates,Robinson - S.Bender,Henderson - Kuyt,Adam,Downing - Sturridge Also got; Vaart,Carroll and Wilson. But selling atleast Vaart and Carroll. Won League and FA Cup last season. Lost to R.Madrid in first knockout round in CL. (Kuyt missed his first and 2. Penalty for me in the same match!!!!! I lost 2-1 on Aggregate, and if he just put one of em I would be through on away goals). Got £118M to buy for, redicules amount.
  7. Well, a few games ago I did LLM myself, it was fun and one of the highlights aswell. Won everything with it, EPL, CL the whole lot. But highlight must be playing FM on Network with 4 other mates, winning the treble with Liverpool, League, CL and FA cup. (they where Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal). Anyway not as big achievment as LLM game, but value it more since it gives alot of bragging rights the next few months
  8. Well I score "redicules amount" myself from corners. 10 matches, 7 goals. 3 for agger and 4 for skrtel. I havent changed corner tacctics yet, just having standard once.
  9. Is this cheating??!?

    When football clubs buy players they for the most part buy them on installments over 2 years with 4 payments. There are also other times they borrow money from the bank to buy players. They rarely buy players with cash up front from theyr own pocket, even tho they dont have debt. The reason for this is cash flow, and other economic stuff that I cant explain in english hehe
  10. Ok, So started liverpool. Signed Pablo Hernandez, Sven Bender and Salihovic. Playing 4-2-3-1, won all my 5 games in the league vs Birmingham,Villa,Blackburn,Blackpool and wolves. won 4 of 5 in Europe. 11-1 in goal differance in the league. But I have 2 problems. 1. Injurys. Suarez injured in first match, just got back, so might be ready in 1-2 matches. Gerrard got injurd in 3rd match, still out. Kelly, Johnson and Aurelio just got injured. Oh and Carragher have been out for most of the games aswell, but NP as Skrtel have 7.90 and Agger 7.70 in rating so far this season. 2. Carroll dont score... 9 games from start, 0 goals. Have tried him as several things, how do you play him?
  11. Gonna starta a new liverpool game today. But there are a few things that are dissapointing tho. I think Kelly's PA is to low. That his CA is not as high as Rafael's is fine, as Rafael has been a regulare for over a season now and kelly just half a season. But PA should have been the same. Carroll's should have been abit higher aswell, but it will work for now. Sosu should also have been changed. anyway he will still be good. Dissapointed Sterling isnt in the game.
  12. I have many examples where they are broken. Shawcross came to me, got £25000/week wage. 1,5 year later he asked for a new contract. Fair enough, he had been good to me. wanted £135 000 a week and a signon fee around £6m total for agent and player... wtf. And I tried to negotate. I even tryed to go as high as 110, but NO, just straight to 135. (was never gonna get more than £50000 a week from me anyway, but baffled me that he didnt even say yes to 110 000). Torres for me at liverpool, wanted £150 000, tryed to negotate it, tryed £135 000, then he suddently wanted £220 000 wtf. (ended up givining him £170 000). Have had many weird situations. Players wanted around £100 000 when they are on £10 000 - 20 000 wages.
  13. Biggest Rival Win....

    Mine is back in FM05, are at work so dont got the screenshot. But 12-3 as Milan over Inter in the CL final. (was playing against a friend.) I won 7-4 the year before... Aye, his defending wasnt the best neither was mine tbh... that was some insane CL finals tho. Dont remember who, but one of my players bagged 7 goals in the 12-3 victory.
  14. 1 match, got the Argentina job, but played on Network and my friend got the Italy job, and the Euros was the next turnement, so took over England then after just one match, since they was searching for a manager.
  15. Well, It depends, if things are working out I'm sticking to it, and I find that my 4-5-1 formations do the job against most teams when I get it settled. rarely loose or drop points. (my 4-5-1 formation is usualy a 4-2-3-1 but might change that abit after what opponent I play). But when playing 4-4-2 I find that I need to change to 4-5-1 in bigger matches. I usualy do good against lesser teams. but struggle against better oponents. Actually trying to develope my own version of dalglishes 5-4-1 or 3-4-2-1 or 5-3-2 if you want:p