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  1. There is no need to let their stats go over 20, some years ago, the final number of most technical and mental stats is calculated with ca and a hidden stats, which means if a players has high number on anything when his ca is low, that attribute might go over 20 when his ca is high, which cause the player to shoot like sniper, or make a cross with ridiculous curve. I do however believe that most player shouldn't have ca and pa go over 150, regular premier league starter should be 110-120 for weaker team and 120-130 for top teams, with some of their key players 130-150. Only top players like Ozil can move to 150-170 range, with 190 only reserved for players like Ronaldo and Messi. This would also close the gap at lower level so clubs below level 6 maybe have a bigger chance to reach 2nd or 3rd round proper in fa cup, something that's common irl but very rare in the game.
  2. I load all leagues with about 200k players, and also use logo and face pack, during matches the memory usage is near 3gb, so definitely need 64bit
  3. So it's just like Arsenal irl, built a new stadium but need to repay huge debt.
  4. Since you don't want your defender to mark specific player, man marking is basically use tighter marking
  5. Fm need to start using more cpu core, it usually use only 8-10% of cpu on my 6 core i7. as if the game is optimized to run in one core.
  6. Definitely not, in my current save, csl is almost all chinese in 2018, although Guangzhou Hengda miraculously won the club world championship.
  7. I find it hard to raise jumping for short players, not sure about match engine though since I rarely see short players with high jumping
  8. For me today is the release day. Also, the release day version of last several years are buggy as well, if you want to play a game with most bug fixed you have to wait for the winter update.
  9. I start my save with all europe, south america, mexico, china, south korea and australia, with 150k players, I have 2 decade long save of this size in fm12, and the speed is acceptable with my 3.2ghz i7 However my fm12 save with metallic logo and cutout facepack usually take more than 2gb memory, which would be a problem for those who use 32bit machine without 3gb switch.
  10. I have used flat 442 counter attack for a decade, no reason to change that
  11. Low attibute isnt a problem for level 7 and 8, many leagues in the game have players with very poor attribute, like N.Ireland level 3, Sweden level 4
  12. In one of my fm12 saves. I take over my local club shanghai dongya, I invest heavily into the youth development and after a decade, dominate asia champion league, domestic league, cup, even reserve and youth league. Half of the players in all level of national teams comes from my youth academy, by selling some of them to other teams in china rather than selling them abroad, the entire league improve to the point that I almost always meet another chinese team in champions league final. However Camacho kept his post for a decade so I didnt have the chance to lead the national side
  13. Can you run steam in offline mode on one of your pc so you can run fm on both?
  14. So first they removed that steam exclusive green skin, now they remove dark skin, I cant play fm with white skin at all.
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