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  1. Summary: 3D Match engine colours lack vibrancy and colours look faded and washed out, particularly for evening kick offs after 6pm. Description: With reference to the above posts, from dazer and damienQB I have to agree that the vibrancy of the 3D match seems to be washed-out in what appears to be any matches scheduled for evening kick offs. It is particularly noticeable when teams are playing in white strips which now look grey or dull white and in general the screen looks much darker at these kick off times, compared to the clarity from matches during the day. I first thought I saw this on the loading screen, where the manager avatar seemed to be darker and his outfit seemed darker, but initially I thought it was just me over analysing. Its only now that other people are noticing this that it has reinforced my opinion that in various sections the game looks a bit washed out or darker. Games that kick off at 5pm or earlier seem much brighter than anything after this time. I cant say for sure if the earlier kick offs were even brighter before update 20.3, but I am pretty sure that the later matches are darker and washed out now.
  2. I posted this issue a few days ago and since then it has happened again in the next match I played. This time the glitch occurred in the 85th minute when I substituted Giroud for Abraham. At this point two players, Abraham and Jorginho changed to black strips, the same as the Man U keeper and the ref. Again like before when I watched the re-play all players were in the correct strips. Could someone please advise if this has been recognised as an error for review please? Managed to get a screen shot this time for you. Thanks
  3. Is anyone else still experiencing the lag with the latest update? For me the lag, unfortunately is still there. I thought it had improved as I managed to get a few games in which played okay then my last game was just awful. It caused the PC to freeze momentarily, then after a while I managed to get to the end of the match. I bought the game just before Christmas and I have only just finished my second league game in the first season as I cant play with this happening. I hope they can get this sorted soon as pre-season plus two league games in 7 weeks of real time is a bit of a joke! Any news would be appreciated as its been a while now. Thanks
  4. Summary: Public beta – game version 20.2.4 (06-FEB-2020) Several players in my team during the 3D match changed kit colour to black instead of blue, which was either the away strip or it may have been the referee strip. This happened after I substituted Emerson in the 18th minute for Rudiger in the Super Cup Final, season 1. My team continued playing in two different strips throughout the match and after my second substitution. However when I made my 3rd substitution in the 80th minute, my team all reverted back to the original blue strip as it should be. Steps to reproduce: I watched the highlights afterwards and this did not occur, the highlight always showed all players in their correct strips . I also replayed the game from the exact same save before the match with the exact same players and details. The game played out as it should with all players in the correct strip. As such I have not been able to reproduce yet. Unfortunately I did not get a screen shot during the game as I was too busy trying to make sure I won the match and assumed I could get this from the highlight for you which I could not as it played out normally. Please find attached my DxDiag from today and a PKM of the match. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do at my end to resolve this or advise if it is a blip that is unlikely to occur again. Thanks DxDiag2.txt Liverpool v Chelsea.pkm
  5. Its great to hear that a solution may be in the pipeline at last. Having You tube on does make a difference but its not ideal as I always feel that its threatening to lag at any time. Thanks for letting us know Jack Joyce, its reassuring and lets hope that this will do the trick.
  6. I have tried returning to the game since the public beta to see if it has made any difference. At first there was no improvement, so I tried running a you tube video in the background as someone had suggested. This seemed to work initially and I was able to play some matches smoothly albeit on lower graphical settings than my desktop should be running. Then this morning the lagging returned even with the video playing in the background. I have tried all morning to see if the lagging improves as I switch between you tube on and you tube off, and although its difficult for me to determine if it is really the video that is making a difference, there seems to be a correlation between having the video on and the lag improving or disappearing completely. What ends up happening is that you play the game on the edge of your seat, not because you are enjoying it, but because your are fixated with waiting on the lag to be present and spoil the enjoyment yet again. Its getting very tiresome going through this procedure over and over. I would hazard a guess and say that the public beta may have made a slight improvement, but i'm not sure if this is because I am running a you tube video now, which I was not doing before the update. I could not play any games before the update and now its random, You load it up and hope it works. Then you sit there hoping that you can get through one game or possibly more without the lag returning and switching it all off. The FPS during the game sits at 60 and I can remember it dropping in the past when the lag was present. This morning the FPS was still at 60, however when the lag appeared the FPS seemed to stay at 60 although the game was lagging badly. I don't recall this happening before. There is also a slight lag in the menu of the game, outside the match. The FPS on these screens are about 35. I loaded up FM17 and the FPS in match and in the menus of the game were constant at 60 FPS. Whereas FM20 is only 35. There is also a slight issue where at times you cannot click on a players name in the game to take them to their profile. Its as if the link is lagging. You then click your mouse elsewhere on the screen and when you go back to the players name the link becomes available. I am sure its all linked and there is definitely still an issue with this game as it is still not running at the optimum level for customers. I am not very PC literate, however It seems to me that the you tube video may be forcing the game to utilise the graphics card in the correct way and when it is not running in the background the mechanics of the FM program are not able to optimise the game to run properly on certain desktops. Once again, I have hopes that this will be corrected soon. It is taking quite a while and as I said before, from the number of people who are regularly viewing and commenting on this section of the forum it appears to be affecting quite a lot of customers. I hope that something I have mentioned will be of use and hopefully help you in your efforts to make this otherwise excellent game playable for a lot of people. Thanks
  7. Thanks - Hardware desktop set up is as follows: intel i7-8700k CPU @ 3.7GHZ 16 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Only been able to play 3 matches since I purchased the game before christmas 21/12/19. Two matches played smoothly then all of a sudden next time I loaded the game it was all jerky, and laggy. Checked the replays of the two games and they were laggy. Shut PC down reloaded game and it was okay. Played another game then stopped. next time I loaded and every other time since its been laggy which is why I thought there might have been an update, but I dont think there was. The performance is awful on all graphical settings even when set to very low, the recommendation is to set all at HIGH as my PC has a 5 star performance rating within the game, but even on lower settings its unwatchable. I have tried both windowed and full screen, tried various skins including Material Skin but no improvement. Using Bit Defender as anti-virus, I set up exceptions once I realised there was an issue thinking it could be that, but it did not change anything - still laggy. I tried various NVidia settings and permutations, high performance etc etc and I have changed and tweaked all the settings in the Nvidia control panel - nothing changed. I am pretty sure when I checked the CPU usage during the match that the readings were acceptable, without having much knowledge on this, the representation in the task manager looked fine for a game like FM so I don't think this would be the problem. I cannot explain why it worked okay the first two times then eventually for a third time, it seems hit and miss with the percentage of success being very low like 2-4%. But I cannot keep shutting down and starting up hoping that it might work. So I gave up and now I hope that you can find a solution for me. I have attached my Dx Diag. Thanks so much for looking into this and I hope it can be rectified. Its interesting that some laptop users noted the game was laggy when their laptop was plugged in and charging yet played smoothly on their battery. I have no experience but with the desktop being powered by the mains could it be an issue with power management or something like that? Again I really have no experience and this is just a guess. DxDiag.txt
  8. thanks again for the reply, I think i have linked it above as you requested. This is the first post I placed there were several others afterwards from myself in the same section together with others from other users who are experiencing difficulty and have given up playing the game for now.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I had already posted my issue on the 24th December in the 2020 bugs reporting forum under the heading "match engine Lag" complaint. Since then there have been about 20 posts referencing a similar issue and what is glaringly obvious is that this particular post has over 24,000 views. With that many views I would assume that there is a great deal of interest in the topic from concerned customers who are currently unable to play the game because of the issues with the 3d graphics. I love the game, I always have and I never complain, but this is really frustrating and of course coming at a time like this during the holiday season does not help anyone. We just need some clarification that our issues are being acknowledged and that they are being looked into. I know its the first day back since xmas but no-one has replied to any of the 20 posts including my own in the forum and that's increasing everyones frustration as we really like the game, but just want to play it.
  10. Negative feedback on FM 20 Unfortunately I cannot speak positively about FM 20 at the moment. The negative feedback from myself is all directed towards the inability of myself and many other users to be able to play the game properly seemingly due to the particular hardware that we have. All the feedback in reference to this is that the graphical representation of the graphics engine stutters and lags on Desktops that are 5 star rated and easily play all other games that are available on very high levels. I purchased the game just before Christmas and I am bitterly disappointed that I have only been able to play 3 pre-season games properly and then had to give it up due to the game being unplayable. That’s 3 matches in about two weeks. At the moment for a large number of customers the game as it stands is not fit for purpose for those particular users. We appreciate that there can be issues, however we are increasingly getting concerned about the lack of acknowledgment and provision of an explanation for this issue. I want to play the game, I have been playing every version of FM since it began up until 2017 and this year I decided to purchase the new version. The game itself, outside of the 3d match is immense and I was loving how it had been improved since 2017 however only being able to watch 3 matches before calling it a day is not acceptable and I hope that this constructive feedback reaches someone who is able to offer a solution or explanation in order that myself and others can get back to doing what we purchased the game for, playing it and enjoying it.
  11. josdeklos, What did you change in the preferences, The lagging in my game is awful and I have only been able to play 3 matches in total since purchasing the game as its unplayable. I know its the holiday season, but im getting really frustrated by the lack of information on this subject which appears to be affecting a lot of the FM community.
  12. I have posted my issue that seems to be shared by several other members of the community with regards to the severe lag in game whilst playing on hardware that is more than capable of running football manager at a high graphical level. As I mentioned in earlier posts I have tried repeatedly several combinations which I thought may help however it seems that none of them have worked. Like everyone else here I am frustrated that I am spending time pressing buttons and trying to configure settings when I have spent money on a game that should simply be plug in and play. Please advise not only myself but all the other customers who are unable to play this game if a fix is being looked into as I am not alone in saying that unfortunately as it stands the game in respect of the match engine for us is broken and in need of repair. We look forward to hearing from you at SI on this issue and hope that it can be rectified so that we can enjoy the game as it is meant to be played and for the reasons we purchased it. Thank you.
  13. I've tried again playing some matches today after posting on Tuesday evening that there seemed to have been some improvement however the match engine is back to being unplayable again. I have no idea why it seemed to be okay on Tuesday night after reporting that it was laggy and jumpy earlier but i have replayed the same games and the graphic representation is terrible. This has to be addressed as I see other users are posting the same problem and from what I can see their system specs, like my own are more than capable with 5 star recommendations on top end machines. Can you please update the customers who have posted a complaint in reference to this as to whether this fault has been logged and whether anything can be done to rectify it. As it stands the game is not playable. Much appreciated. EDIT After posting this, I shut down the game then decided to load it up one more time and replayed the highlights for the games above. The graphical representation was fine. I shut it down again then reloaded and again it was fine. This is exactly what I did on Tuesday - game on loading was lagging and jumpy in the match. I lowered the rendering in game to the level below (medium) and then restored it to high then shut down the game and re-loaded and it was much improved. Obviously this is not ideal as the game should work on first load. I will try again tomorrow on starting up my PC and if its laggy again in match I will try render then shut down and re-load to see if it works again and will let you know. Please know that when its laggy its really bad. I can't understand why changing the rendering and reloading would improve the graphic, somethings not right. I will update tomorrow EDIT Again, after doing the above the game has returned to being unplayable with a choppy laggy 3D graphic. I cannot explain why it seemed to work on the occasions that it did, but its not reliable, 95 percent of the time when I load the game its unplayable. The other 5 percent has resulted in me having only been able to play 3 matches in 3 weeks. Its draining and really frustrating.
  14. I only got a chance to play one game tonight and the graphics were much better, however there were two points in the game where the play seemed to pause then jitter for a few seconds, first just before a penalty was awarded and second before a goal was scored. That shouldn't happen with the specs ive got. There were 8 goals in total in the game and the other goals were fine. Big improvement on earlier, but to be honest I will need to play more games and see if its fixed for my liking. Wont get much of a chance tomorrow will try again on boxing day when Im not watching real football. Ill let you know. I hope yours improves as well. Good luck in the derby during the week!
  15. Just bought the game last week and played a match at the weekend and the graphics seemed very good, I have a 5 star rating on my PC. Then tonight when I played a match the graphics were jumpy and not as smooth as they were on Saturday. I replayed the match from Saturday and the replay lags as well. Has there been an update over the last couple of days that could have done this? Specs are: intel i7-8700k CPU @3.7 GHZ 16 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 As it stands its unplayable and it seemed fine on Saturday. EDIT This is strange, since I posted this I read through some more of the posts above and "BARTDUDE" mentioned the render option in the match 3d preferences. My own was set to high so I reduced to to medium and tried to replay the game from Saturday, It seemed to work fine. I then returned the render quality to high and made sure everything else was on high and then played a new match. The graphics were perfect. No jittering like I mentioned before. So as it stands its seems to be playing very well now on my PC since I did this. Really strange, hopefully it stays that way but if it returns I will update this post. EDIT Unfortunately the lag is still present and as it stands I cannot play the game and have only managed 3 matches before giving up frustrated with it. I have tried new skins, changing settings etc etc but with all of the other posts in this section it would appear that some desktops which are more than capable of playing any other game out there cannot play FM 20. I am waiting on some feedback from someone at SI.
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