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  1. thanks again for the reply, I think i have linked it above as you requested. This is the first post I placed there were several others afterwards from myself in the same section together with others from other users who are experiencing difficulty and have given up playing the game for now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I had already posted my issue on the 24th December in the 2020 bugs reporting forum under the heading "match engine Lag" complaint. Since then there have been about 20 posts referencing a similar issue and what is glaringly obvious is that this particular post has over 24,000 views. With that many views I would assume that there is a great deal of interest in the topic from concerned customers who are currently unable to play the game because of the issues with the 3d graphics. I love the game, I always have and I never complain, but this is really frustra
  3. Negative feedback on FM 20 Unfortunately I cannot speak positively about FM 20 at the moment. The negative feedback from myself is all directed towards the inability of myself and many other users to be able to play the game properly seemingly due to the particular hardware that we have. All the feedback in reference to this is that the graphical representation of the graphics engine stutters and lags on Desktops that are 5 star rated and easily play all other games that are available on very high levels. I purchased the game just before Christmas and I am bitterly disappointed tha
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