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  1. A couple of scouting related observations which seem like bugs to me. 1) Selecting 'Scouted only' in player search never results in any players found. If you unselect that and open some (scouted) player from the results list you will see full scouting information. I would expect such players to be listed with 'scouted only' selection on. 2) Scouting information gets lost. You spend a year collecting scouting data and then you would like to sign a player you know was scouted but you only see the star ratings. You can´t even enter the scout data section in player profile. I´m not sure if this is somehow related to the scout leaving my organization but even so that shouldn´t happen. I should be able have full original scouting data available even though my scout would have left me since.
  2. In version 15.12.0b my board is still restricting all my offers to $0(p/a) and league cap is $12,25k(p/a). I'm way under my budget and league salary floor. Didn´t quite understand if I´d need to do something or should this have been fixed by this new version automatically...?
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