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  1. My opinion is that the series has reached a stage of stagnation. Every year the changes are minor, subtle and even cosmetic at times and i don't think this justifies a yearly release.A two year cycle would be perfect but it probably wouldn't happen because of how much money the game makes.
  2. The tactical overhaul looks intriguing, will be excited to see what modifications they've done to the tactical aspect.
  3. Face2Fate

    Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 2

    Tuesday 12th June Greece 2-2 Czech Republic Poland 1-2 Russia Wednesday 13th June Denmark 1-1 Portugal Netherlands 2-2 Germany Thursday 14th June Italy 2-0 Croatia Spain 3-0 R.O.I Friday 15th June Ukraine 1-2 France Sweden 1-1 England
  4. Any chance of a FM 2011 release for this amazing patch?
  5. Would have been crazy if New Zealand had somehow managed a late winner, anyway Italy were painful to watch today and deserved to be eliminated. Still can't believe they messed up such a straighforward group though.
  6. Total nightmare for Italy, bottom of such an easy group behind New Zealand is truly unacceptable and a disgrace. Lippi must take the most blame, his blind faith in players like Gattuso, Cannavaro and Iaquinta failed spectacularly and Italy never really got going.
  7. What a sad state of affairs in the French team, should have gotten rid of Domenech after the Euro 2008 debacle now they're paying the price for their stubborness and stupidity, what a waste of a World Cup for a team with so much talent.
  8. Face2Fate

    Group F - Italy v New Zealand, 3pm, ITV

    This Italy team is pathetic, credit to the All-Whites but there's no way Italy should be drawing with this team at a World Cup. I knew they would struggle but not to this extent. Lippi has to take the blame, his squad and team selections leave much to be desired. They will probably scrap through to the next round but i don't think anybody fears them now.
  9. Face2Fate

    The Brazil Thread

    I don't understand why Dunga has to pick so many defensive minded midfielders. Josue, Kleberson, Melo and Gilberto Silva is surely an overkill. If Kaka is out of form or picks up an injury i don't know where the creativity is going to come from although i guess Elano is an option. He should have taken Ronaldinho, a great luxury off the bench or as an alternative. Left-back looks like it could be a problem too, Michel Bastos doesn't even play left-back at his club. Grafite is also a bit of a surprise considering his so-so form this season. Overall, not very impressed with the Brazil squad. Great defence but Dunga better pray his attacking players deliver or it could turn into a nightmare.
  10. Face2Fate

    Why is FM2007 so popular..???

    Good scouting system, uncomplicated match engine, solid regen system are just some of the reasons why FM07 is my favourite. FM08 was a solid game but never gave me the thrills 07 brought. In fact i'll probably go back to 07 soon since my current system can't support 09.
  11. Week 38 Atalanta 2-0 Genoa Cagliari 1-1 Reggina Catania 0-2 Roma Empoli 3-1 Livorno Lazio 2-1 Napoli Milan 2-1 Udinese Parma 1-0 Inter Sampdoria 2-2 Juventus Siena 2-1 Palermo Torino 2-2 Fiorentina