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  1. On the split screen while playing a match can't we have more than two things viewable at a time. For example when playing I like to view the overview (because my short tem memory is really bad) on the left and on the right I like to view the match stats and when there is action the pitch comes on the left overtaking the overview but below the match stats and overview there is so much screen real estate not taking up by anything. I like to regularly check the table and other latest scores so could we not have an option of having the ability on setting how many things we want to view. Also why can't we suggest to player if they should take nationality with a particular nation especially if it helps with work permits in the future. Also why is it so hard to sell players. Unless you want to sell a world class player most of the players you will try and sell will not be attractive to anyone. Just before I sold Louis Saha he was player of the season. I put him on the transfer list and offered him to clubs with a price I thought was reasonable. No club was interested but a few attempts later by reducing the price well below his worth I got an offer. It is even harder to sell player's who have less of a reputation. Manchester United has one of the most expensive youth systems in the world and for some reason in the game their is difficulty in trying to find regens that are worth playing in the top half of the Championship let alone the Premiership. It seems like in several years the quality of football would dramatically decrease. The national teams for some reason prefer to play over-aged players than young fresh talent. What is up with players' abilities not decreasing as they age as well. I have Menez who has been the best left midfielder in the Premiership and Champions League for last two seasons yet he still cannot get an appearance with the french over 21 national side?
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