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  1. Is the media handling style "plays mind games" new for FM20? Do we know the impact it has on hidden attributes? Great thread, thanks for everyone who took time to build this.
  2. Thanks so much! Out of curiosity, what would a desktop look like for the same budget? Do you think there’s a clear performance benefit to be had, or is it much of a muchness?
  3. Hey! Looking for a laptop, budget £1k. Tend to play a lot of leagues (I like to try and load around 20 countries) and careers tend to last about 30 years. I do play in 3D but processing speed and ability to load the leagues up is more important if I have to drop the graphics quality to achieve that. Any recommendations? Thanks anyone who has advice
  4. I would ask yourself, why do you want Pasqueta in Bonaventura's tutoring group? What positive outcome are you hoping for? If you can't answer that question then that's probably your answer.
  5. 2018 Youth Intake Won't lie, a little bit disappointed! When I read the news item about a golden generation I wondered what gems we had. And the star ratings would indicate a lot of potential. But then the baseline is low. Had hoped we'd have a couple of first team ready players given that our training facilities and coaches are garbage at this point. At least the personalities aren't too bad and some of their physical stats are good. Onwards and upwards!
  6. February 2018 Thought this would be a bad month when, in addition to my young target man being out for 3 months, my poacher got injured for 2 months and my main centre back and experienced head out for 10 months with a damaged hip (and lets face it at the age of 34 he's not coming back from that). But then the game after the centre back gets injured we keep our first clean sheet in 16 games so what do I know? We're now unbeaten in 6 and looking upwards so the season won't be catastrophic after all. The board will be disappointed as we're not finishing bottom of the league!
  7. The PFA will be onto you for slave labour. Robert Jepson plays 42 Premier League level games and you pay him £110 p/w
  8. January 2018 Our target man getting injured for 3 months was apparently a good thing as the youthful strikers with no redeeming features other than pace come in and start banging them in. Showed some character to come from 2 down against Cove. Clinging to the midtable mediocrity we crave. Plus we get our first postponement of the winter - surprised it took this long given we're based at Ben Nevis!
  9. December 2017 Well we've started to get slapped around pretty bad. I think we've got enough points that we shouldn't finish bottom, but here's to hoping we get a decent youth intake this year.
  10. November 2017 Very decent month with 2 wins and a draw from 4 games. The draw was particularly pleasing as it was with the undefeated runaway league leaders. Very tight league but looks like holding our own in mid-table might be sustainable. Going to try playing with an attacking mentality this month: the pace and fitness of our players is our strength so can we make the pitch small, push up and overrun them?
  11. October 2017 Tough month but saved by a late goal in the last match to get a win and stay in the top half. But the initial gloss has gone and the team is starting to show it's true colours.
  12. September 2018 Another month performing above expectations, getting a couple more wins in the league. The cup exit was frustrating as we had been 2-0 up before an own goal and a defensive error took it to a reply where we collapsed. I've noticed a lot of suicide passes in the defenders: a curse of playing at this level! Our left back is also out for 4 months with a torn hamstring which is less than ideal. But to be 4th two months in is fantastic.
  13. August 2017 Well that was unexpected! Three wins on the trot to kick off the league campaign, including on the road against pre-season favourites Brora. We got into a nice rhythm of being absolute bastards and breaking up midfield play pretty nastily. Might have to make sure we don't get too many suspensions. Then lumping it long for our target man to nod down to our pacy poacher. A loss in the North of Scotland cup doesn't matter as it's a small 16 team tournament but could have done without extra time so early in the season. We were 1-0 up against Wick with 5 minutes to go so it could have been better. Promising start with a very limited side.
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