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  1. I love these tactics, I also use the training schedules of 1 or 2 matches per week. But I am four years in and always get absolutely killed by injuries, it's almost like I need 3 players for every position. Should I downgrade my training intensity?
  2. As you can see in the screenshot I posted, his headline condition is saying excellent and his fatigue is low. But it still says tired.
  3. No he is not fatigued. But when you hover over the name, it says tired. Personally I try and avoid playing players when they are tired. But the only way to check is by manually hovering over each individual name. I don't think the heart should be full bright green if when you hover over the name it then says tired.
  4. Issue is when a player has this clause, even though my team is in the Champions Cup, the specified minimum fee does not trigger acceptance of a bid.
  5. If the player is tired I wouldn't expect a fully green heart. The only way to check if a player is tired when it's like this is to hover over each player's hearts before every match which takes ages. You can't select a column in the view which has the info on whether they are tired, which is frustrating as well. If they are going to change the interface to these hearts, make it so it's more legible at a glance, not much less. I look forward to finding out if this indeed a bug
  6. Summary: See title Description of Issue: See title Steps to Reproduce: View squad screen, every player is green heart but some are tired but not apparent unless you hover over their condition heart. I have attached screenshot and uploaded the save file. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Oliver Beddow - Wolves - Copy.fm
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