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    European born French speaking Canadian. One day, a Quebecker from Quebec as a country. I prefer to see Quebec as a country in the World instead of a province in Canada. Fed up with insults and contempt from the rest of Canada and the Federal Government for my Language, my Culture and my History.

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    Если меня ругают мои враги, значит я все делаю правильно.


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    Soccer, Snooker, Chess, Card Games, Darts, Reading and Latex !

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    L'Impact de Montréal !

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  1. In the expansion team of Nashville, the transfer fee for David Accam is $3.6M instead of $350K GAM + $100K TAM. For Anibal Godoy, the fee is $650K instead of $650K of GAM. This makes a huge difference as Allocation money is very different from transfer fee to pay in MLS. Also, the TAM does not appear. I should have received $1.2M and nothing appears in the financial branch. Moreover, my assistant always organize friendly even if the case to let him do so is unticked.
  2. Two irritating stuffs for the 2020 opus: This screen has disappeared The MLS contract negociations do not include the Salary Cap Impact anymore. Not very happy with this version so far...
  3. I have the same problem: my tactic works great, I create a lot of scoring opportunities but no goals... And in the last minutes the opponent score on his first occasions. It is several matches in the year, so frustrating. Real cheat. I am fed up with fixed games !It happens far too often, to visible, too ridiculous. By the way, I play in MLS, fistful of stereotyped actions, this is so unrealistic since this winter... First saves worked great...
  4. Bull's-eye ! Thanks kandersson. I have three DP, which seems to lower the wage budget...
  5. I have a problem with the salary cap. I have 27 players in my team, the salary cap remaining is $190K, but I cannot offer more than $65K as Senior contract, First team. Why ?
  6. I have the same problem. It always occurs when playing a game. The game freezes, and after 2 or 3 minutes the crash dump report is generated. When it freezes, I can navigate through the windows, very slowly. Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Process, and the disk Mo/s is very very high. (Task Manager/Process/disk column, sorry my PC is not in English). I play with the editor (new team + huge pictures files from the 2015). Thanks.
  7. In FM 2013, I picked a defensive midfield with Montreal Impact. He left Montreal after three years to Benfica and ended up in Barcelona. his value was more than $30M. Some good ones in 2015, especially before the last patch, but nothing like the one I picked in 2013...
  8. Quite easy to add teams, but impossible to keep the Drafts and the team restrictions...
  9. 2013: eight seasons with Montreal, and I played with Rooney. 2001, about 14 seasons with Charleroi in Belgium. I bought Ballack, I remember... What a team !
  10. Played the 11 and 13. 12, everybody agrees that it was far too easy. Happy not having bought it. 13 was one of my best save with Montreal in MLS. MLS was really great with the 2013 edition, better than on the 2015. 11? Do not remember... must be average so.
  11. Best player I ever signed: Wayne Rooney in Montreal whae he was 34 (FM2013). In fact, there are many very good players who want to come to MLS: European stars over 32 or very good player at the peak of their career from lower standard (Europe and South America).
  12. MLS is very touchy to edit, but it is quite easy to create a new league, with confereces or not, but without Superdraft and complicated contrat limits. For better result, I think a new Concacaf CL is better, and easy to create too (easier than I first thought).
  13. Quebeckers like Soccer ! Team Name: Nordiques de Québec (Quebec City Nordics) City Based: Quebec City, QC Stadium: Champlain Stadium You as manager: Why not ? Team colours: Sky blue and White, or Red-Gold to differ from the Impact Kit: Blue shirt with a white cross (see flag), white shorts, bleu socks. Away: Red and Gold. Sponsor: Air Transat, or Ashton (the king of poutine). I have also created a new league: 24 teams, 2 conferences, 2 matches against the team of our conference, one against the other (34 matches). Play-Offs like in Hockey. Concacaf Champions League with 32 teams, European style. Amway Cup has become a championship: 5 teams, 8 games, one bonus point for each head-to-head won (results of two games). I like the MLS, but the AI is too weak to perform. I hope the 2016-opus will be better, as the MLS improves a lot year after year. Any link to download your work ? Thanks.
  14. I'll check Caboose... I have noticed the level seems to decrease quite quickly in the MLS, that's why I gave up twice with Orlando City after a couple of years. Great challenge, the expansion draft, building a team... Two US Cup and one MLS Cup. This is the best MLS challenge in 2015. For the moment, I am trying to improve the level of the MLS through the Editor. Not easy without creating a brand new competitions, based on European standards. I think I am going to cross the border instead and go the Mexico. Atlante Cancun is in D2, a great challenge... or back to Europe... I am trying with Köln in Germany, but I do not want to leave the Concacaf. Anyway, I am very disappointed by MLS in this opus. 2013 was better. I hope the 2016 will be better. When "le Onze montréalais" beats the Crew in this year Play Offs, I'll have a thought for you...
  15. 4 MLS Cup in 4 years ? Great, because never easy to succeed each year in Play-Offs. 3 Concacaf CL ? Very difficult with the Mexican teams. Club World Championship ? Can't say anything... I have won so many things with Montreal, but never with such a regularity. And certainly not the World Club Championship, and I signed Wayne Rooney when he was (or will be) 34. Congrats ! By the way, what about the level of other MLS teams ? No Editor in your game ?
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