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  1. Buy yourself a football team, call it Wolverhampton. Get yourself a tactic, call it Frankys. Get promotion, IN THE FIRST SEASON!
  2. I like the football beeing produced by this tactic, thanks for sharing. Too early to say how it works for me.
  3. FC United of Manchester thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/450789-FM16-F-C-United-of-Manchester-Not-to-be-confused-with-Manchester-United-F-C?p=10692988
  4. Football Club United of Manchester Football Manager 2016 Thread [video=youtube;YuzgyQKLB5o] Background F.C. United of Manchester is a semi-professional football club based in Broadhurst Park in Moston, Manchester, England. The club currently play in the National League North, the sixth tier in English football. F.C. United were formed in 2005 by Manchester United supporters opposed to American businessman Malcolm Glazer's controversial takeover, and are owned and democratically run by their supporters as a co-operative. The club was founded in 2005 by disenfranchised supporters of Manchester United. Although they had various reasons for their dissatisfaction, the prime catalyst for F.C. United's formation was the 12 May 2005 hostile takeover of Manchester United by the American businessman Malcolm Glazer. After the name "F.C. United" was rejected by The Football Association for being too generic, all those who had pledged money to the club were asked to vote on a name. On 14 June 2005, it was announced that "F.C. United of Manchester" had been chosen, beating "A.F.C. Manchester 1878", "Manchester Central" and "Newton Heath United". "F.C. United" continues to be used as an abbreviated form of the club's name. Karl Marginson was appointed as the club's manager on 22 June 2005, and the club held trials for players on 26 June 2005. Just under 900 players applied to take part in the trials, of whom 200 were selected to do so and 17 were chosen to play for F.C. United. By 6 July 2005, over 4,000 people had pledged money to F.C. United and the club had over £100,000 in the bank. During their formation, the owners of Leigh RMI asked F.C. United to take over their club, but United refused the takeover offer as they believed that taking over an existing club would be hypocritical, given that F.C. United was formed as a result of Manchester United's takeover. Instead, F.C. United's first game was a friendly match against Leigh RMI on 16 July 2005; the match ended 0–0. Stadium F.C. United play at the 4,400 capacity Broadhurst Park, which opened in May 2015. The ground was built at a cost of £6.5 million, using £2 million from a Community Share Scheme and the remainder from a variety of governmental and charity grants.[71] The ground is surrounded on all sides by covered stands: the St. Mary's Road End (east), the North Stand, the Lightbowne Road End (west), and the Main Stand (south), the latter of which has seating sections. Within the Main Stand is a clubhouse with a bar and catering facilities, club offices, changing rooms, a medical suite, and a classroom. It is shared by local junior team, Moston Juniors F.C. In Game Being newly promoted to the Vanarama North League you are expected to fight to stay up. The players are also not very confident in achieving much more than this. Squad The strengths of your squad is definitely in the defense department with your star player and captain Dean Stott. Since you are a semi-professional team many of your players is on a non-wage contract, meaning you only pay them when you play them. The better players you sign will want a wage contract but whenever possible sign players on a non-wage, this will make it easy to have a cheap squad with a lot of cover. The drawback of having players on this kind of contract is they can be signed by another club without a transfer fee, this goes two ways though so use it to your advantage. Transfers Take what you can get to start with. It will often be a challenge to convince players to sign for you. Free transfers is probably what you will have to rely on all the way to the premier league. The targets I have listed are players that worked out well for me, they were not all signed on the first season, but you might want to keep an eye out for them if they become available for you. I have listed them under what competition they signed for me. The two first screenshot are from 2015 the rest are from 2024. Vanarama North Ryan Rainey Wade Joyce Vanarama National Nathan Marks Steven Kinsella Tom Brewitt League 2 Dario Vittorio Meadows Jake Hessenthaler League 1 Francesco Di Nolfo Andre Dozzell Ibou Touray Andrea Corsini Paulo Manuel Neves Alves This is my first attempt at putting together a team guide thread, hope you found it helpfull. And good luck if you chose the path of the English hero with FC United of Manchester.
  5. I had the same experience with tianxia, statistically I was so ahead but the scoring was not at par with the stats. I used it in league 1 as newly promoted 2 seasons in a row and it helped me achieve mid table positions.
  6. I've been trying out this tactic for 2,5 seasons now in lower leagues. The first season was decent but I didn't manage promotion. I think the problem was I had it set to counter while attacking has proved to be more effective for me. In the second season I managed promotion by playoff from Vanarama north. Now in my first season in Vanarama national I started out really well within a wiff off promotion again but sadly now in january I'm set for the relegation battle. In the season I got promoted I had the best defensive record in the league conceding 37 goals while I also one of the lowest scored goals at 51. Maybe for this level the attacking doesn't really work well, although the defense seems to be fine. I have been running with a deep lying striker, not a false 9 since I haven't really found any player capable of the false 9 role. My strongest players have been the center backs and my weaknesses are the striker and wing backs, although even with weak wing backs they seem to do alright.
  7. Name: Julian Baumgartlinger Age: 27 Nationality: Austrian Club: 1.FSV Mainz 05 Position: DM/MC Value: - Sale Value: £1.3M (2016 summer transfer window) Work Permit Needed?: No Other: Awesome last name. Wage demand around £600K/a when signed for wolves in 2016. Been really good for my newly promoted team.
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