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  1. Ma tactique est inspirée du Bayern of Pep, pas de Manchester City, et je pense qu'avec l'aide de Book of Marti Perarnau, Muller a joué comme un SS
  2. Gk : Sweeper keeper (Attack) DR: IWB (Support) ' Take Fewer Risks, Dribble Less, Shoot Less Often, Get Further Forward ' DCR: Central Defender (Cover) ' Take Fewer Risks' DCL: Ball Playing Defender (Defend) ' Shoot Less' WBL: Complete Wing-Back (Attack) 'Take fewer risks, shoot less, close down more DM: Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend) ' Ease off tackles' MCL: Central Midfielder (Support) 'Take fewer risks, dribble less, shoot less, hold position, close down more' AMR: Inside Forward (Attack) ' Hold up ball, shoot less, STAY WIDER, Close down more, tackle harder' AMCR: Shadow striker 'shoot less, roam from position, close down more, tackle harder, mark tighter' AML : Inside forward (Attack) ' holdup ball, shoot less, sit narrower, close down more' STCL: Deep lying forward (Support) 'pass short, dribble less, shoot less, roam from position, tackle harder, mark tighter'
  3. Yes, " take less risks" and "shot less" for all players. And some instructions particulary
  4. Hello, I tried to imitate the pyramid of Pep Guardiola (2.3.5), I looked more than he was in Bayern München. I think it's impossible to recreate exactly his tactic so I just tried to imitate and recreate the most important principes of Pep's philosophy. SORRY for my english ( I'm french)
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