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  1. They didn't care much about possession. Neither do I It varied from 35% to 65%. I'll share some stats from Champions League matches: https://m.football-lineups.com/match/17121/ https://m.football-lineups.com/match/17115/ https://m.football-lineups.com/match/17101/ https://m.football-lineups.com/match/15449/ https://m.football-lineups.com/match/7365/ https://m.football-lineups.com/match/7364/ https://m.football-lineups.com/match/7361/ Comparing to what I'm getting - pretty similar. For example, Manchester United in CL 1/4F: Averages in CL and
  2. I won't say you are wrong, but you are not completely right as well, since you are not looking at the whole picture. Zambrotta was an attacking FB indeed. However, Zebina on the right wasn't. The only reason why - they interpret the role in a completely different way. This is something I used here, focused on the squad building and utilized default roles in order to complement them. Zaniolo/Nedved cuts inside, Zaracho/Camoranesi as well. Vieira/Pogba gets forward whenever possible, even with a CM role. Everyone passes into space (TI selected). The only thing I'd change would be Zlata
  3. Hi! I started a career during this Covid lockdown, experimenting with tactics in Italy. Since the beginning in Viterbese, I’ve had an idea to start some tactical threads, but only now did I have the time to actually write a piece. The tactics won’t be published chronologically, but from now on, I’ll probably start a thread for each of the clubs I’m managing. I’ll recreate a historical tactic from an Italian squad (not necessarily the team I’m managing). Moving on with my Italian adventure, I was approached by Juventus after Roma. Looking at the squad, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss
  4. I’m looking to buy an ultrabook soon, so I’d like your help with making my choice. What I need is something light and portable (therefore, an ultrabook), as an all-around machine. Firstly, for business - Office, internet, heavy data analyss (which is why it needs appearance and portability), then for (casual) gaming. I only play FM, but given the investment, I’d like it to run smoothly on heavy setup. I’ve looked at Lenovo Yoga 920 and HP Spectre x360, but I’m open to other suggestions in 1500 euro price range. Thanks!
  5. Ö-zil, sorry to hijack your thread, but this is quite an interesting topic. I'd start with 4-4-1-1, Control mentality and Fluid team shape. This way you get 4-4-2 when defending and pressing, but AMC starts a bit deeper when . Double pivot in midfield is impossible to implement, even with two DMs on Support (tried it, didn't go as planned), so you'd probably have to go with CM(S)+CM(D) combo. I woudn't go for a DLP, although Bastian was a DLP/RP, because CM's movement in attack resembles Bastian/Gustavo in Heynckes' Bayern more. Ribery as a WP(A), Robben WM(A) with Cut inside, Sit narrower a
  6. Blind also has quite low closing down, and left-central area in front of penalty box isn't really his area, but 5's. As a matter of fact, I don't want anyone to step forward, but invite pressure. Any ideas on midfield, then?
  7. I'd expect #5 to cover that space, since I'm using a back 5, certainly not Blind. Had #5 left his position, his area would be partly covered by Blind and #4. It's illogical, because Blind covers the space that is already covered (as it should) by someone else. He also has Hold position, and yet he leaves whole side unmarked for a diagonal pass. As for Fluid, I would ditch it, but without it, my attacks totally lack creativity.
  8. Now that he mentioned it, a question. Why on Earth would a Full back on Support in a back five track down Rodriguez (Southampton MR) here? Definitely not 1 on 1 situation, but it is happening almost every match. If it's tactics, I'd like to try and correct it. I am playing Defensive+Fluid, TIs: Higher tempo and Work ball into box, while Blind's instructions are shown here.
  9. Not as much as you'd expect from looking at roles. I have chosen relatively low strategy, so my team is quite compact, two FB(S) ensure that I don't leave only two players behind. If one goes forward, the other one stays back, so I have something like a loopsided 3-man defence. Still tinkering with left MC role, CM(A) might be overkill.
  10. I guess I'm satisfied with passing percentage, 10 key passes, 5 interceptions and an assist. First time I use Regista, I should have tried it earlier. Very Pirlo-esque.
  11. I was a bit closer to Regista due to roaming, but wasn't qute sure. Even in 4-3-1-2/4-4-2 diamond at Juventus, his role didn't change, so Regista it is. Thanks
  12. More of a discussion starter than question - "Pirlo role". Is it closer to a Regista or a DLP? I can't quite manage to implement a playmaker in front of defence that has such control over the game as Pirlo had especially during his Juventus years, so I would like to hear some opinions.
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