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    Played every Football Manager title since the release of the very first Championship Manager back in 1992.

    Played in several gameworlds in the FML beta with the team
    HotShot Rovers. Participated in the FM2015 beta.

    Been playing FM Online with friends for many years, and still do !!

    Administrating FMserver.no domain, a site for FM online play.

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    FM, Football, Travels and dad to 3 little boys...

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    Liverpool FC
  1. I have the exact same problem. 3D matches running smoothly on my computer with Vista 32 bit. After upgradring to Win 7 64, the players stutter and the match experience is not good. I have installed latest graphic card driver from Nvida 8600GT (driver is 195 editon I think). Does anyone have a solution to fix this ?, thanks in advance... Cheers
  2. I'm considering buying a MAC the next time I need a new computer. Perhaps soon ? My question is : Have anyone tried to play a network game with both PC clients and MAC clients ? I will be the host / server. I'm playing FM2010 with 6 friends online every monday ;-). replies would be most preciated, TIA. Cheers
  3. Help with wage budget

    Hi mate Could you please provide the URL for the savegame utility you prefer to use (FM09) Thanks in advance.
  4. Help with wage budget

    I have tried the very same with Tranmere, I have only managed to get 350K wage budget despite reputation at 9250 and balance / transfer budget at £ 100 mill. Whatever I type in the wage budget field I only get 350K in wages in a new savegame... Does anyone have a suggestion ? I guess the wage budget won't increase that much if reputation is increased to 9999 ?? Cheers