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  1. Hey Red,

    I've looked into this one, and it is in fact possible for the players in your save to be presented in this way.

    In the example you uploaded, the newgens with England/St.Vincent and England/Jamaica actually both had an ethnicity of Med./Hispanic. As such, their newgen profile pictures were generating correctly.

    Whilst the chance is very slim (~1%), it is possible for a newgen of these nationalities to have this ethnicity.

    I appreciate the feedback on this in-game may be a little unclear. We will look into that for future versions.



  2. Great find! Trying to get him on loan.

    Gained promotion in the first season, although lost last 4 games and dropped to 4th, but won the playoffs quite easily.

    Encountered a bug though.. in the playoff final, my star player (Wood) and main GK were away on international duty :( was planing to moan in the bug forum, but won the game so whatever :rolleyes:

    Just finished building my team for the first season in the Premier League.. aiming for Europe. Have some doubts about Taylor, but going to give him a chance anyway.. well, at least until January..


    Hey I Like Pie,

    Congratulations on winning the Play-Offs.

    However, that's certainly a bug worth raising. If you still have the save could you kindly head over to here - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/524-Other-Gameplay-Issues - and open up a post?



  3. These ridiculous rankings will have affect the qualifying groups for international tournaments, so you'll end up with groups of terrible teams and "groups of death" quite often. I would like to move into international management at some point in my save, so yes it would affect me.

    I read somewhere on here a few days ago that clubs view players differently if they are regulars for a high-ranking team. The worry is that you'll get top clubs going after regular Maldive internationals because they are perceived as playing regularly for a big country.

    This bug has a massive knock-on effect throughout the game world, and I for one will wait until it is fixed before I start a proper save.

    Hey Golden Boot,

    Just a quick one to alleviate your fears of the top clubs going for Maldivian players.

    Whilst form and reputation have an impact, the AI is not going to sign a player that falls well below the required level when it comes to CA. Barcelona won't be signing a Maldivian unless he is very good or is perceived to have the potential to be very good (i.e. very good at a young age).

    If they do, please do head over here - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/523-Transfers-Contracts-and-Scouting-Issues - and post your save.



  4. Hey Racatte,

    Thanks for the considered thoughts :thup:

    The differences between whether/when a player is considered "able to play" in a position is a subjective one.

    Whether "Competent" is considered as good enough to play there, or "Accomplished" can be reached without ever playing a single match there, is a matter of opinion. We always try to balance these things realistically, but of course not everyone can agree.

    Hopefully you can see the logic behind this system being in place. It is also important to remember the other factor; some players will simply have reached the limit on what new positions they can reasonably learn.

    If you do have an example where you think it is either not working as intended or being treated very harshly however, I urge you to upload it. I am always happy to investigate such issues :)

    Your post may be best in the Wishlist thread (found here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/306914-What-s-that-A-new-Wishlist-Thread-What-you-would-like-to-see-in-future-FM-versions), as it ventures into feature changes for future versions rather than a bug.



  5. Hey all,

    This is an area that has been tweaked for this year's version.

    Players need to play in a position to continue improving past a certain point. Players will also reach a maximum number of positions (and positional ability in those) dependent on their role CAs (this is relative to their CA, positions and applicable attributes).

    I understand that the feedback on this in-game is not as clear as it could be, please accept my apologies here. We are looking into improving this for future versions.

    Of course if you think that, with the above in mind, there is a player that should be learning a new position that isn't, please do upload the save and I will happily take a look. Details on uploading here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441296



    NB. Merging the two threads on this.

  6. That wouldn't be the Dynamic Rivalries feature. Dynamic Rivalries are rivalries that appear over time during the game. Rivalries added DB (/Editor) side do not change over time.

    I think what you mention there would be more one for the Wishlist thread, adding to how standing rivalries are displayed in game. Definitely worth adding to that thread :thup:

    The Wishlist thread can be found here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/306914-What-s-that-A-new-Wishlist-Thread-What-you-would-like-to-see-in-future-FM-versions



  7. Hey all,

    Some things to consider when training match tactics:

    - The more you have on the go, the longer each will take.

    - The more differences between each tactic, the longer they will take.

    - (New manager only) The greater the difference between your tactics and the previous manager's, the longer they will take.

    - Your player's attributes.

    - Matches played with said tactic/s.

    - And obviously how much training you put into it.

    Hope that helps a little.


  8. Hey there prot651.

    I think you may have misunderstood what this feature is.

    Dynamic Rivalries are rivalries that develop (from nothing) as you play the game over the medium-long term. The idea is that if you were to climb the leagues with say Dulwich Hamlet you would develop new rivalries along the way. These rivals would be teams that you had experienced a tight relegation/title battle with, etc. Meaning that you are not solely limited to the rivals set in the DB, but can gain newer rivals over time.

    Hope that explains that a little better for you.



  9. Hey there Bambel,

    Thanks for taking the time to post.

    Do you have any other offers out at the time? As this would detract from the wage budget available for you to spend.

    Thanks for the screenshots, but to look into this further we would ideally need a save. If you have one from the point those screenshots are taken that would be great, one before the new budget is given would be even better. Details on uploading to our FTP here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441296



  10. Hey agymen,

    Thanks for that. We have seen similar situations where the expense was in fact the fee paid to the other team participating in the friendly. As such these were working as intended. However this does sound quite a bit for two teams of Sutton and Farnborough's stature.

    Our FTP is private, the only people who would be able to access your save are SI employees, a log-in and password is required at our end. Would you be comfortable uploading under those circumstances? I would be very interested in getting a look at what is going on in your save, with the goal of resolving it.



    NB. I have attempted a couple of times to reproduce this internally, recreating your scenario as best as possible from the sreenshots. Each time the fees received and paid look correct to me (in the 1k-3k range). Are there any other factors in your save that could account for the expenditure listed as 'Other'?

  11. Hi all,

    Thanks for taking the time to post.

    Injury occurrence levels is an area that we are always monitoring. Historically FM has consistently shown numbers below that of real-life levels, so any increase in this field is in fact potentially bringing it closer to reality.

    Some adjustments to the frequency of injuries are being looked at for a future update.

    As ever, if you do have a save that is showing a particularly extreme (whether it be high or low) number of injures, please do upload it and I will happily take a look. Details on uploading here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441296

    Please bear in mind that injuries are considered on a wide scale, so an injury crisis at just one particular club (Human or AI) is not necessarily indicative of an issue. Ideally we look at numbers over a whole season across a number of leagues.



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