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  1. @amberhelix Thanks for your answers @fmFutbolManager To add/clarify - Tutoring was unrealistic and exploitative. Part-based on real world advice and part-based on gameplay we moved to replace it with Mentoring. Players must be in the same squad to mentor one another. Having them simply train in the same Unit is not enough. Broadly, players can learn two things from others: on-field Player Traits and off-field Personalities. Training together can be enough for the former, but for the latter you need to spend more time together than just ~90 minutes in training each day. Further to this, first team players at a Champions League club will often find themselves away from the training ground for the majority of the week, whether it be playing mid-week matches, travelling, recovering or partaking in away matches. As such, for a player to actually learn from another they need to be in the same squad, on the same schedule, spending time together both on and off the training pitch. A youngster that is simply in the same training Unit as a senior player may struggle to actually spend enough time with that player. The decision you need to make is this: Does my young player benefit more from training with his peers, on a training schedule that is likely more suited to his stage of development and his mapped out specifically around the U23 matches he is expected to play in but without much contact with the first team; or does he benefit more from being a part of the first team squad, training on a schedule that is not necessarily designed for him and being detached from the training/squad that he is expected to play for but spending time with experienced, senior players and learning from them. Of course, your decision is your own and situation dependent. The advice @Rashidi offers is promote only your most promising, most likely to be future first team players, to the senior squad, where they will benefit, leaving the rest to develop with their peers, where they are more suited. For a real life example, consider how Real Madrid have dealt with Odegaard, Vinicius, Rodrygo and the remainder of the youth/Castilla in their time so far.
  2. Players will learn from others in the squad even outside of mentoring, this goes on all the time. However, mentoring is a way of focusing this. Want to encourage your wonderkid to learn from the club captain rather than another senior pro? Put them in the same mentoring group and it will bias him towards that player/s.
  3. Would be worth raising here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/742-transfers-contracts-and-staff-responsibilities/
  4. They're certainly attritional, I kinda like it. I've always found the jump from VNC > L2 the toughest in English FM leagues. That might change this year.
  5. For any user with a save game started since the release of 20.1.0, we’re currently working on a further fix which we hope will address this in any pre-existing saves. For any user who started a save game prior to 20.1.0 your save game is unaffected.
  6. Present issue aside, the opposite has actually been the case in recent versions, especially before tutoring became mentoring.
  7. More personality than mentoring. It's important throughout, but the earlier they obtain a positive personality (whether it be naturally or via mentoring) the better of course. Once you're loaning a player out, you have no control over that side. Players with poor personalities can of course still develop (in fact, the progression module is designed specifically in this way) but you're simply increasing your chances of a favourable outcome. Personalities shift based on in-game events, development and the people around the player, mentoring is simply a tool in which you can bias this last part.
  8. Unless the option was selected to prevent it at game start (can be checked on 'FM > Game Status' page), I believe so yes.
  9. Do you mean the in-game editor? The pre-game editor can only be used before a save is started.
  10. Broadly the best advice is this: <18 training and mentoring are paramount, with match time important but secondary 18< match time is paramount, with training and mentoring important but secondary Match time must be at an appropriate level for the player's ability
  11. Whilst not impossible, this would be incredibly unlikely. "Runs with ball down right" is favoured by players that have attributes conducive to this trait, such as high Dribbling, and find themselves in the position to do so, such as players positioned on the right hand side. As such, a LB (without any positional ability on the right or a right foot) would be unlikely to pick it up. Note that even if a LB does pick it up, they aren't going to try to use it in inappropriate scenarios (relative to their attributes), no LB is going to attempt to cross the pitch from left to right to dribble down the right.
  12. Consistency describes how often a player, in isolation, is able to perform to their best. In practice of course this does not operate alone, many factors contribute towards a player performing to their best, such as Important Matches in, um, important matches. Consistency changes over the course of a player's career. Being exposed to and playing well in regular matches will see it improve. Seeing irregular and poor performances will see it decrease. Experience will also help.
  13. Weight is loosely linked to Strength. Players can put on weight over the off-season, which can then be worked off during pre-season. As young players grow, they will gain both height and weight.
  14. Each injury has a chance of occurring for outfield players vs goalkeepers. Quite deliberately some injuries either occur vary rarely, not at all or exclusively with goalkeepers.
  15. There was an example recently, I want to say Leicester, where this happened in reality. The referee blew up before an attacking corner could be taken in added time.
  16. In areas that are extremely busy, such as the UI area, it is often difficult for a member of the team to respond to every thread, especially those that duplicate another or diverge from the topic. However, just posting it there will mean that someone sees and appreciates it
  17. Any examples that you think are not realistic or rational, please do get them posted in our bugs section
  18. As you say, sounds like this affects time out injured rather than actual injury frequency by making larger injuries more likely to occur. Therefore, whilst the total number of injury occurrences may remain static, when players do suffer injuries they are more likely to be out for longer, thus at any one time each club has "more" injuries than standard. If that achieves what you are after, fair enough. Keep an eye on how it affects progression, more time out injured = less development.
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