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  1. Playing time at an appropriate level is the one. On average, you would expect matches for your first team to be more beneficial for development than matches for the reserves.
  2. You would. That sounds like a bug to me, could you post about it here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  3. You may have Tactical Familiarity, Positional Familiarity and Role Suitability confused - A player's individual 'Position/Role/Duty' Tactical Familiarity is their individual familiarity with their position, role and duty as part of that tactic; in the same way that the 'Mentality' Tactical Familiarity is their familiarity with the Mentality being asked of them as a part of that tactic.
  4. As in remain in the "learning" phase forever? No. Players can fail to learn a trait (repeatedly) but the training should always end one way or another.
  5. It basically depends on how suited they are to learning it. With some healthy variation in there too.
  6. Not from the game setup page I do not believe. Loading all players from that nation/competition (where the club is based) should help balance.
  7. That works a little bit differently. Whilst they are "newgens" they are not designed to work like the Youth Intake, they are designed to fill out squads.
  8. Dwells On Ball does is not the same as Hold Up Ball. Overlap/Underlap means the player ahead of them is going to look to hold up the ball and wait for the supporting player's run when appropriate. Like all instructions, the effectiveness of this is dictated by your other tactical instructions and the players' attributes.
  9. The early weeks of pre-season don't need matches (assuming it's a long pre-season) - you'll likely want to focus on heavy physical work - but you'll need to build up to them. Roughly 5 or 6 matches per player should see you at or close to full Sharpness. The default schedules are a decent guide here. They are based on real life approaches to pre-season. Of course, by tweaking these to suit your own style, you can perfect them for you and your team. Ps. Team Bonding is especially useful when you've made lots of new signings.
  10. The ~35% range usually only comes into play after a considerable amount of time with no football, being that the summer break or serious injury. This can be regained naturally once that period ends. ~50% and above requires matches. Let me know if you see any oddities here, certainly something we'd be interested in investigating. Pre-season and the associated fitness effects are modelled quite comprehensively under the hood (see also "fatigue").
  11. This ^ So you are not training the "suitability", which is a common misconception, like you do a Position. Role Suitability is simply a visual indication of how suited the player's attributes are.
  12. You're confusing Positional Familiarity and Role Suitability. Positional Familiarity The disc on the pitch indicating Position is how familiar the player is with that position. This will affect some of their (mental) attributes during the match and thus performance. Role Suitability The disc under 'Role and Duty' is simply a reflection of how well suited the player's attributes are to the roles under that position. This will not affect their attributes or performance. Role Suitability takes into account Positional Familiarity in its display. So a player that cann
  13. Never underestimate Mental attributes, they're vital in any system.
  14. You can estimate this via the 'Training > Schedules' page, which gives you values for each category across the whole week as well as values broken down by unit and by day: The reason this is not displayed as an overall intensity on the Training Calendar is that it wouldn't actually apply in a practical sense. Firstly, whilst the schedules are designed and implemented (by us and you) conceptually on a weekly basis, training is an ongoing thing, it isn't split up week-by-week in its effects. We don't clear down the impacts of training on a Sunday ready for a fresh start on a M
  15. No. (Training) Facilities contribute to how effective training is and thus how well/quickly players develop. Attracting staff is down to reputation, location/competition and finances, as with players really.
  16. There's a handful, all mental, of which Decisions is one, yes. As advised above though, if you reckon the player can play the Role, go for it. Get them to learn the Position on the job.
  17. We talking Positions? That is simply his Positional Familiarity, not how suited his attributes etc are. Play and train him there and he will become familiar with the position (quickly if he is young and already has similar positions under his belt).
  18. @clokey1988 They need to have been with the club since age 21 or younger and have played a large number of First Team matches by the age of 23. If this criteria is being met, could you post here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  19. That's one I'd prefer to leave to you and your judgement/experience if you don't mind
  20. I will defer to @Jack Joyce here as the expert.
  21. Generally, younger players with greater Versatility will find it easier to learn Traits. Depending on the trait there are then some specific attributes and positions that will make the player more suited to learning that specific trait. The better the player is at these the easier it is to learn the trait. For example, Tries Killer Balls requires the player to be a midfielder and benefits from high Vision (amongst other attributes). To get an indication of these desirable attributes, consider what the trait is attempting to achieve (eg. Knocks Ball Past Opponent suits a player with high A
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