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  1. @Fflow You will able to satisfy most players in the way you describe; editing their individual training or changing up the team sessions and schedules. However, just like in the real world, you cannot please all the players all the time. Some players don't want to work hard in training, some only want to work on certain things, some may only feel satisfied with extremely intense training. And sometimes you'll have two players that want the complete opposite to one another. You're the Manager, make the call that suits you best. If the players cannot take it, maybe they need moving on...
  2. If you are hiring a member of staff (Assistant, Coach, Under X Manager, etc.) for training purposes only, these are the attributes you'll want to pay attention to: Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating apply to all categories Working With Youngsters applies when working with youth teams Edit - Updated FM20 - 11/05/2020
  3. As Jimmy says, this is not an official injury type, nor will it be. I would imagine this has been added as part of the unofficial data pack you mention.
  4. Ideally, (suspected) bugs should be posted in the bugs forum https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/ At a guess, are you managing either a part-time or amateur club and trying to use full-time schedules or managing a full-time club and trying to use part-time/amateur schedules?
  5. They do not make a difference to the player's ability to learn the trait but they do make a difference to the accuracy of the advice offered by the coach regarding learning a trait.
  6. Only the next match, yes. I believe the section you are referring to shows what has been trained that week. @Andrew James will be able to clarify if needed.
  7. He was already excellent in the original DB and I'd say he's performed exactly to that. Only a few tweaks for the winter update.
  8. Those ones do stack I don't believe any of them should result in Player Trait transference, it's an off-field thing.
  9. But only one of each type will count. So 2 x Attacking Movement would not equal double the attacking movement benefit.
  10. The only training sessions that directly impact the next match (note - next match only) are those under the 'Match Preparation' category.
  11. Yes, Facilities and Stadiums degrade over time as technology evolves and infrastructure ages. Edit - You will on occasions receive an inbox item informing you to the effect of "due to technological advances X has been downgraded"
  12. "Garbage" is relative. If you're Real Madrid, it's gonna be hard to produce a player worthy of being considered "good enough". It also comes down to luck, generational talents are called that for a reason, you'd expect one per generation. Nothing is wrong.
  13. Thanks for reporting, team will be able to investigate and determine if there is an issue or not
  14. In 2D, the cursor must rest in a very specific spot between highlights. If it does not, bad things will happen. I've seen the code, I know this to be true. Honest.
  15. The attitude here is not appreciated, nor is it helpful. You have misinterpreted my comments or I have explained poorly. It is YR, YF, and JC that equally contribute. There is also of course variance factored in, medians/modes may not be the best approach in this case. If you believe you have discovered an issue that needs investigating, please post here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  16. It sounds as if those players have already signed provisional professional contracts, so whilst they are still on a youth contract this is only until they turn X age, meaning you cannot sign them without negotiating a transfer deal. Note that likely won't be for "free" either, depending on nation there will be a compensation fee etc.
  17. If you don't mind me being coy this once, I'd rather we investigated to discover why (/if) it isn't functioning as intended before detailing how it works.
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