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  1. It isn't based on odds, instead it is based on attributes and circumstance. If there is something not on the Vision that you wish to do, such as developing young players, then go for it. Just ensure that you also achieve your other goals and the board will have no issues with you.
  2. The Vision is not for the manager alone. As you say, increasing commercial income is only partially on the manager, the board will do their part too. Building a new stadium is an example of an objective that appears on the vision but is entirely on the board rather than the manager.
  3. Playing the "wrong" style of football will not get you sacked alone. Underachieving and playing the wrong style of football might. As in past versions, if you want to ensure your job is safe, achieve and overachieve the goals set out by the Board. It is also possible to negotiate the removal of these objectives provided they are not "required". Over time, you may see the board come around to your way of playing football, providing it has proved successful.
  4. 'Sign High Reputation' players is relative to your club. Real Madrid would be expected to sign "Galacticos", Leyton Orient would not, but they would be expected to sign players considered high rep for their level. This is not linked to transfer budget. Lots of money does not equal having to sign high reputation players, and vice versa. Also, let's keep it civil in here please.
  5. The final line in that inbox item states that the squad must have "at least 19 players" whereas you currently have 18. This is why you cannot continue, you must amend this. Let me know if that does not work
  6. If you're after a specific way of operating, look for a club that matches your own vision. Alternatively take the Mourinho route: just enforce it on the club of your choice, but ensure you achieve/overachieve the competition goals set out to ensure you don't give the board a reason to reconsider! The bigger your reputation and the more success you achieve the more leeway you'll be given, as in reality.
  7. You can add competition objectives to the 5 Year Plan using the menu in the bottom left. You cannot add to the Club Culture. This is the Board's Vision, not the Manager's. However, if you become known for overachieving using a certain style of football, there's a chance the board will adopt it...
  8. You are offered the chance to negotiate the Club Vision at the end of every season. You are also offered this chance at the start of a new save with a club and when interviewing for a new job.
  9. Would be worth raising here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/696-football-manager-2020-pre-release-beta-bug-forum/ C+ seems harsh unless you have done incredibly badly on the other objectives, even considering the fact Liverpool are expected to win the Premier Division and challenge for the Champions Cup. Drawing with Norwich at home is pretty bad though
  10. There is an assumption that these are the same issues, which is not correct. There have been a huge number of iterations internally between FM19 and FM20 Beta. The same symptom often does not have the same cause, especially following the ME team's extensive work on attacking movement this year.
  11. It does not mean this. It means that no match engine changes have been released in this hotfix.
  12. Would be worth raising here, cheers - https://community.sigames.com/forum/711-user-interface/
  13. Very much this. He does have a very, very good PA however.
  14. From my side I have obviously only had a limited amount of time to rate him. He is excellent however. He has received a 10+ CA increase over what the Brighton Peterborough (loan) researcher had given him this Summer. Anything more than that at this stage would seem excessive, but, as with all players, he will be reviewed again ahead of the Winter update.
  15. I did not say I do not rate Berardi. His CA and attributes are an improvement from this time last year in fact. I have rated him to be what I believe is realistic. I watch every game, attend most We may have to agree to disagree here. He has a good CA, decent attributes and is Competent at DC. This does not translate to me not thinking he is not good. But it also does not translate to me thinking we should be completely content with only two natural DCs in realistic first team contention, a belief shared by many Leeds fans in my experience. Bielsa started a cup match with precisely 0 DCs in the starting XI recently, it's just the way he rolls. I would also argue that we are not running away with a league that, based on performance and statistics, we probably should be. Clearly there is something not quite on point. Admittedly that appears to mainly be our conversion rate rather than our defensive solidity. However, clean sheets are a team effort, especially when you keep as much possession as we do, and we do have a habit of letting that "one chance" in.
  16. You get a Vision Meeting on the first day of a new save if starting at a club. Otherwise it is during the job interview or at the end of each season. Whilst the board will indeed negotiate, there are some things they will not shift on.
  17. This is simply an indication of which role their attributes are most suited for, you are free to play the player's how you wish. In fact, a balanced tactic is more likely to yield positive results than simply playing everyone in their "best" role.
  18. Would you not say this is exactly the case though? We do need another DC, it is potentially one of the reasons we did not get promoted last season - Berardi himself was sent off in the play-off 2nd leg - and may cost us again if Cooper/White are out for a sustained period.
  19. All good - always good to have opinions (backed up by reasoning, facts and stats) on such a subjective thing. In which case he may have his positions further tweaked in the future. But we cannot set positions now for something that hasn't actually happened yet. For sure Philips is Competent at DC here, and worse than Ayling and Berardi (13 vs 14/14). Is this from the start of a new game or has he potentially been trained there in your save? Berardi is only our third choice DC because Bielsa refuses to sign further DCs and prefers players that know him and the system. I do not believe he would be considered that by other managers or at other clubs, at least not before Bielsa got his hands on the team at least. Basing this on the star ratings is not an accurate way to judge research. However, in my internal builds it shows Ayling and Berardi ahead of Struijk for DC cover.
  20. Post here for me please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/711-user-interface/
  21. Could you raise that here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/725-club-vision-and-performance/
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