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  1. Thanks guys. I'm going to try these idea's. What i'm going to try is a 4 mans back line with 1 central defender who plays into midfield often and the backs are players that stay back and man mark the strikers and one CB plays like a libero. I'm going to try your information jpcote.
  2. Jackkane24 this was also my idea but when i'm using that role i can't tick 'play further forward' in the shouts for the player. That was actually my first thought on how to do it. But maybe i'll have to use other shouts for that. kingjericho Maybe it's more something in dutch football where a ball playing defender is dribbling into midfield with the ball into his feet when possible. Those PPMs are indeed what i could try. Do you know why you can't select 'play further forward' with a central defender? just because it ain't happening as much as i think?
  3. Hello All, I have a question and I can't find a clear answer. Maby it's because i cannot translate it from dutch to the right english football language. Also if there is a thread somewhere containing this subject please lead me to it. Thanks! Is it possible in FM15 to play with a 4 man's back line and have a central defender play more into the midfield. I mean that during a game you can get more midfielders then your opponent, by using a central defender to reach that goal but without post him in that place already in your formation. So he must get there from the back line. I don't know how they call in it in english I think i read somehwere that in older FM's this was not possible. Isn't that strange because you see it often in football. Or I am stupid and can't find the answer haha Appriciate the help.
  4. Good questions and answers. Helps me a lot. I think he means if you pick the first eleven in the reserve squad yourself or let your assistent manager do it and if that influence the players you'd like to see playing in the reserves.
  5. Question: If i select England, Holland and Italy for example. Is it then possible to scout/get players from the spanish league to your team or is the only way to build a team with players from England, Holland and Italy players?
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