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  1. Hello Football Managers, today I wanted to share with you a newly created Create-a-Player simulation league which is simulated using Football Manager 2015. Simulated Football League Create-a-Player Here you create your own virtual player and customize him however you would like him to play. Either it is pacey winger who can out-run his oposition or tall defender who takes care of every cross in front of his goal. It's all up to you. Progression Just like in real life, noone starts as world class player, it isn't different here. You start as young prospect full of potential and by participating in community activities you can train your player and after few season you might be best of the best, who knows? Real people Every team is fully controled by real humans so there wont be any silly decisions made by computer like you might have seen on some games. Most of the players are also human created so you will be competing against real people just like you instead of computer generated players like on FIFA career mode for example. Manage your own team As I said this is newly created league so at this point everyone have a chance to create their own team and be it's manager. It really is a lot of fun to manage team which is full of real human created players not computer created players. Casual Best part of this league is that it doesn't require too much of your free time to create successful player. It really takes no longer than 30 minutes per week to become one of the best. So if you think you don't have enough free time to join us, don't worry, you can have a lot of fun even with just a few minutes a day on our site. http://simfl.boards.net/
  2. For me now sometimes it works and sometimes don't. I noticed that if I open standing and try to switch - I can't. But when I open Schedule and click on group (Here) then it takes me back to standings and I can switch to other groups.
  3. Minor bug but still. When I open World Championship view it shows group A by defaulf and I can't switch to Group B can't switch from group round to elimination rounds either. Same goes for U-20 WC and maybe some other tournaments.
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