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  1. The board won't do that for me. Still feels a bit like a bug, if they've approved my U18 team, I expect to then get some youth players, even if they are rubbish. Why would the board give me a youth team that I can't actually use?
  2. Thanks - I assume any fix would probably need a new game and will be a while away anyway? I guess I have to decide to continue and accept no youth players ever at Falkirk, look to leave them and get a new job in game or start again
  3. Hi Andrew. I got the team during the first season and It’s now missed both the first and second seasons.
  4. Summary: Started a game with Falkirk who do not start the game with an U18 team, requested this from the board and it was granted. U18 team was added to the development centre. However no Youth players have been promoted to the team. The Youth Candidates tab never changes from List of Youth Players is not yet available Let me know if you need a Save Game at any point in the future. I don't have anything older. Garry Pettigrew - Falkirk.fm
  5. I have a similar issue. Started a game as Falkirk - they don't start with an U18 team. Requested the team from the Board, this got approved and the squad got added, but I've never had any players come through and my youth candidates tabs just says not available yet.
  6. Hi. Looking for some help. Have £800 max to spend. Would like a laptop that will run FM well but also looking to play the odd strategy type game. Otherwise its for browsing and basic work. Any suggestions?
  7. I think it's great, could potentially add a real challenge. I'd love a dynamic economy that could see new TV deals, TV crashes, league reconstruction etc. It would keep the long term game fresh.
  8. I remember buying an early version of CM and in the box was a flyer for a CM Legends game - but it never came out!
  9. It did, it depended on the chairman attributes - high interference and it could happen. I think it was taken out as it was a bit buggy!
  10. I'm quite tempted by Classic. I think there is a generation of gamers who have played CM/FM who have now "grown up" and don't have quite the same free time as they used to. Classic is aimed at them. I've bought and played every version since CM93 (including the likes of CM Italia) but having gone through School and then University, got married, got a decent job, 1 kid and another on the way - my priorities over the last 20 years have changed slightly! I don't have the same spare time as I used to. When I first played CM I would regularly get 30 or 40 seasons out of it. Now I find myself struggling to get 5 over the year. If Classic allows me to power through the seasons, I'm all for it.
  11. A good read! Given me some inspiration for my Norwegian game!
  12. Norway is not going to plan....6 straight defeats - 4 of them under me (my first 4 games in charge), thought I'd made some progress in the last game, was 2-0 up after 20 minutes but managed to go on to lose 7-3. I have the worst defence and goalkeepers I've ever seen!! Think I might have to try and sign an entire new back 5. Either that or the sack is coming very soon!!
  13. I used PC Specialist - http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ My new PC was despatched today - pretty reasonable prices and a decent forum that offers good advice if your looking for a 2nd opinion. My specs for the new PC are a few pages back but I did pretty well for just over £500.
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