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  1. Hi. Looking for some help. Have £800 max to spend. Would like a laptop that will run FM well but also looking to play the odd strategy type game. Otherwise its for browsing and basic work. Any suggestions?
  2. I think it's great, could potentially add a real challenge. I'd love a dynamic economy that could see new TV deals, TV crashes, league reconstruction etc. It would keep the long term game fresh.
  3. I remember buying an early version of CM and in the box was a flyer for a CM Legends game - but it never came out!
  4. It did, it depended on the chairman attributes - high interference and it could happen. I think it was taken out as it was a bit buggy!
  5. I'm quite tempted by Classic. I think there is a generation of gamers who have played CM/FM who have now "grown up" and don't have quite the same free time as they used to. Classic is aimed at them. I've bought and played every version since CM93 (including the likes of CM Italia) but having gone through School and then University, got married, got a decent job, 1 kid and another on the way - my priorities over the last 20 years have changed slightly! I don't have the same spare time as I used to. When I first played CM I would regularly get 30 or 40 seasons out of it. Now I find myself struggling to get 5 over the year. If Classic allows me to power through the seasons, I'm all for it.
  6. Yeah, didn't feel like we had made any real progress and the club didn't feel like one that I could really take anywhere. We'll see where I end up next?
  7. So another season finished in Norway. Finished with 4 more points than last season and 1 place higher. This season I was never in any danger of relegation but sadly never in contention for the 1 promotion place on offer. I have rejected the offer of a new contract - I think my contract was hampering the club....My top earner as a player was only earning £150 a week whilst I was taking home £650 a week - that could have been the difference of 3 or 4 new players!! So come the 31st December I'll be a free agent and we'll see what the next installment of my career holds. Not the most successfull stats - a win percentage of 33% and a negative goal difference. I'm not sure the Skarp fans will be sad to see the back of me but seeing as we only averaged 117 spectators per game thats no big problem!!
  8. Good luck next season - great result knocking Hearts out of the cup and running Dundee Utd close as well. Just out of interest was it a full strength Hearts side and was Paulo Sergio still in charge?
  9. A good read! Given me some inspiration for my Norwegian game!
  10. Surpise results in the Euro 2012 Championships. Won 3 and lost 4 of my first 7 games - looks like a season of mid table obscurity this season. Not sure about renewing my contract here, I think it may be time to pack those bags at the end of the season.
  11. So my first season in Norway ended with me avoiding the sack! After a terrible start to the season I managed to avoid relegation. Very happy with that considering the run we had at the start of the season. I'm not sure the squad is up to much and next season will continue to be tough, with 6 of my starting 11 out of contract and resigning them seems like it may be a struggle. 7 straight defeats really had me worring about getting the sack! The turning point was probably the 7-3 defeat. Following that I went out and signed a new GK as well as entire back 4!! Lost the next game 4-0 and then managed to go on a good run. In fact we only lost 3 of the last 15 games. With 2 games to go we pulled ourselves out of the relegation zone and due to other results the final game didn't matter. My top goal scorer is a 34 year old who is unlikely to be with us next season and I'll have to be on the look out for bargains everywhere! Can I challenge next season, who knows? The players seem to have adapted to the 442 diamond I have asked them to play but with so many players out of contract and really limited finances I'm not sure I can improve much on this seasons league placing. There has been no youth intake to speak off - so I can't use that route either. I was offered a 1 year extension which I snapped up but I'm not sure my stay in Norway will last any longer than that. It may be time to take myself of to somewhere warmer!
  12. As Manden said - that's the database version! Check preferences for your game version.
  13. Norway is not going to plan....6 straight defeats - 4 of them under me (my first 4 games in charge), thought I'd made some progress in the last game, was 2-0 up after 20 minutes but managed to go on to lose 7-3. I have the worst defence and goalkeepers I've ever seen!! Think I might have to try and sign an entire new back 5. Either that or the sack is coming very soon!!
  14. Bags packed and here we go - first off Norway and IF Skarp. It might be a short stay though, they've only given me a 6 month contract! Current League Table Downward Trend Squad Looks like the defence is the problem! And we're off......will update at the end of the season
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