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  1. Sometimes they bid, but usually not. It happens in both situations.
  2. I don't have the save for relegation clause, but I uploaded the one for release clause named Slaver_release_clause.dat The issue is consistent. A brand new game will have it. You can try to buy Fabio Silva (Porto) or simply any player from Spain. Sometimes the offer is rejected, and then accepted after suggesting it again. Most of the times it is not accepted without sell on percentage (especially on more valuable players).
  3. Mentoring continues after the player who does mentoring is being sold. He was sold with player exchange, not sure if that matters.
  4. Release clause - sometimes the transfer is not accepted even though the release clause amount is offered. The club insists on sell on percentage and only after adding it in the offer they accept. Usually happens outside of Spain, where clause is not mandatory like in Spain. Relegation release clause - does not seem to work at all. A player had both release and relegation clause. After the club was relegated (next season) they both stayed the sam.
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