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  1. In general only apps that integrate deep into Explorer and things like virus scanners would be affected.
  2. Covered this a few times already - stop with the mistruths, thanks A (few) link(s) to such coverage would be great to enlighten the casual reader, as in people who haven't been part of the community for years, yet are certainly among the FMC target audience. As a bonus, if there's still need to discuss any of it, it would also redirect the conversation to the appropriate place (assuming threads aren't locked).
  3. You've always been able to do that using LNC files, just gotta savequit and reload your game for the change to take effect. No need to start a new game or use any weird save game editors. It's merely cosmetic. *did this for FM 2007, maybe even for CM 03/04...*
  4. The obvious third party product can help you there But honestly, for adding friends, isn't using the nickname system or the pregame editor enough?
  5. Why not just use the pre-game editor for that? Are you prone to journeyman saves?
  6. Today the enigmatic finisher Phil Jones scored a hat-trick for me, including a freak goal from the wing. Whatever a CB is doing on the wing anyway (it was after a set piece and he was too lazy to hobble back into defense). Speaking of that, a few games before he scored a brace against Barcelona. That never happened for me in, say, FM10
  7. How about an accidental intentional own goal? http://gyazo.com/73a9416422c644ae5b6fa868b5d4fd96 (click the MP4 button to view it fluidly) P.S.: As I'm typing this, my friend is in a penalty shootout that's at 19-19, with one pen missed each. The end: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3281185307622565801/EE9FE9886141354B87F6D8A250F4A2B25918BEB2/ Is that some all time world record? Nah, just your typical FM14 match.
  8. Eh, recent titles have not been labelled "Motivation Manager" without reason. Making your eleven little piglets (plus subs) want to perform is the focal point of it, with tactics occasionally degenerating to irrelevance. FM08 was the tactics game, where you'd constantly need to tweak and fiddle with your tactics and lineup mid-match to secure victory. That title also drove a lot of players away at the time, but at least it was due to football tactics and not some morale minigame... plus they all returned for FM 09/11/..
  9. I just saw . Then I noticed that the Metacritic user score from 2010 to 2014 points downward sharply: 9.2, 8.4, 7.9, 6.7, 5.1. But weren't they known for being very biased in terms of wide play and optimal striker choices? Or do you find that to be an untrue assumption?
  10. The gifs above are from one user and only from the newest match engine. One of them shows one of the ten best goalkeepers on the planet in the worst imaginable blunder. Ah yes, a striker choosing not to tap the ball into an empty goal and instead passing to another striker in a worse position is "something perfectly realistic the ME has calculated". When they can't accuse you of being such a sore loser that you are merely upset because you don't effortlessly win, they instead try to insinuate that you just are not smart enough as a human being to comprehend the most realistic play you see. I'd need to go back and play it to confirm, but I'd actually claim that FM10 "looks more like football". Comparisons to earlier versions like 05/06/07 might be a little unfair as they're not 3D. I started playing with 03/04, I at some point went back and tried 01/02, I'd say I'm mostly slowly fed up with the lack of progress in all available football video games, or with some even getting substantially worse over the years. => I give every new title less and less leeway :3 But then, in any other ME, you have ridiculously overpowered wide play, or ridiculously overpowered fast strikers, or ... Was it 09 or 10 that added those regular ridiculous solo runs where your flair striker with super low finishing dribbles past ten guys to slot it in all by himself? That was so infuriating to one's intelligence as a player every time. P.S.: I vaguely remember that in FM 10, my defenders actually tackled. My girlfriend's leftback put in crunching slide tackles every match -- was a joy to watch. With horror, I can recall later titles relegating defenders to merely shadowing attackers.
  11. Yet baseless and usually ridiculous personal insults is all one sees by those defending whatever is the current match engine at any point in time :3 Current FM patch:
  12. Does anybody remember which game / patch added that to the match engine? It's so terrible to see five guys chase one... yet so common.
  13. Sadly this is a large amount of the replies, and then there exists a disagreement whether a 'good' match engine is one that is balanced, allowing for many tactical approaches, and looks like real football or if a good match engine is 'good' because the human manager can't win as easily. As I only play with teams that at least have ambitions of taking part in continental competitions, seeing top teams play utter rubbish bothers me greatly; I believe it was FM 13 that regularly featured up to five defenders running at a single attacker? I remember most of the match engines between CM 03/04 and FM11 or FM12 tended to look somewhat like real football, and didn't have utterly immersion-breaking behaviour. So I like being able to score from long shots as well as 1 on 1s, scoring the occasional header but not scoring from every corner (not even talking about corner exploits), I want all tactical approaches from 3-x-x to 5-x-x to be viable, and I want defenders to engage in believable play as well. I remember some games in the FM09 to FM12 range were plagued by unbeatable star player solo runs (Bale or Neymar or whoever goes past five defenders and scores, every second match), and another set by defenders merely shadowing attackers instead of going in for tackles. Those really make a game completely unenjoyable for me. Another big issue would be player morale being infinitely more important in deciding a game result than player quality or tactics. I might however be remembering issues that were fixed by the respective final .3 patch? And as I made somewhat clear, I can't even recall which of those games were troubled by which issues. While games in the FM05 to FM07 range maybe had too many crazy long shot goals (if you had the right players!), that didn't detract from their fun potential in the way a broken regen system (not the subject of this thread) or completely unrealistic player behaviour does.
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