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  1. Sorry to hear that, was enjoying your run in San Marino
  2. Was greatly inspired by this Eupore Run so I thought a focus on winning the FA Cup would be a nice goal, you know to get that auto-qualifying spot. Well maybe not this year. Good start to the league season, sitting in 2nd after 4 games.
  3. Really fun read and an amazing accomplishment. What's next? Still waiting on a shot at the national team?
  4. It came down to the last game few games of the season but a nice 3 match winning run got me through as Champion. Pretty lousy cup season, one quarterfinal is all I could muster. Decent GK on the youth intake, maybe he will be ready when my current goalie retires in a few years. Next season is tough, only one promotion spot available, nevertheless lvl 9 here I come! Interesting side note, I received two international job offers this year, France and Spain, I passed on both but applied for the Scotland job, denied. Go figure.
  5. Mid-season update Had a great start to the season but eventually a few injuries and a packed schedule bogged me down. Better as things leveled out. In good position to challenge for promotion in the 2nd half. Grabbed a DR on loan to cover a weak spot then a takeover bogged down any further player movements. Still no resolution so just dealing with my squad on hand. Won my first FA Cup game and the next round replay netted the biggest crown in our history. Made more on gate in the first month than I did all of the previous year.
  6. First season done in SC1. Start and end to the season were good, but during the middle went on a 15 game run where I only managed 9 pts. Remained very competitive throughout most losses were by one goal, GD was positive throughout the season. Not so great in the cups either, but won a few in the FA Vase before being knocked out. Lost my goalie and striker at the same time for a month, was a big contributing factor to the poor form. Ended the season well, moving up to tenth from fifteenth. Signed a young DM to help strengthen my mid-field. Hoping to compete for a promotion spot next season.
  7. The one name missing there is my assistant manager who has been with me since day 1, Terry McPhillips. He applied when I posted the job and has not left, being unpaid for the majority of his tenure. IRL he's the asst mgr for Blackpool currently, having been at Blackburn and other posts previously.
  8. Definite kudos to Dan for his db, it is what keeps me coming back for these marathon saves.
  9. Been working on this save for some time now, thought I would give a quick update and see if anyone else has been doing this. It has been a difficult slog the past few seasons but hope springs eternal that the premier league is a goal. Pretty standard setup, no coaching badges, started at lvl 22 in english pyramid, did not restrict my recruitment of players from other teams. The first years were easy, lots of trophies, lots of league titles, kept a core group of players together who played well. Good goalkeeper and a good striker made things roll smoothly. Most of the time I used a fairly simple 4231, with control mentality. I had a couple of blips in lvl 12 and added a DM, changing things up to a 4141 DM which helped keep things stable. Lvl 11 was rough. Team went semi-pro but could only offer bonuses, no contracts to any players. The first couple years I was competitive and then the next two I was in a relegation battle. Finding a striker was a challenge and when I did, I cruised through the league and won promotion, only missed title by a point. Without my new striker I staved off relegation on goal differential, with my striker I finished 9 pts clear of 3rd place. One other comment about Lvl 11, it adds four league winners into the table each year and relegates four. The four winners are always favorites for promotions and are stacked with players who would never consider playing for me. This seems to be a product of reputation and makes it additionally challenging to win promotion. One note about my board. In previous years and saves a change in ownership often brings an influx of cash. Sometimes this happens frequently. Not so for this save. 1 change in ownership, zero investment. I'll in the red next season and have had no upgrades to any facilities. Poor luck for this save. Couple of screenshots I'm almost through my first season in the Southern Combination Football League Division One. Can now offer real P/T contracts which is a relief, no more poaching. Back in the FA Vase (yay prize money). It's been a roller coaster year and I should finish mid table with a strong finish. I'll do a full update once that is done. I'd love to hear of others who have been at this and if their experiences match my own. I'm probably skipping fm18 and playing this out to see if I can get to the premier league.
  10. Yep, no problems with logos, now if I could just fix my broken Keymer & Hassocks team.
  11. Thanks for the hard work Dan, the db is great and the logo pack will be a nice addition.
  12. If you use the editor it should allow you to set semi-pro to have PT contracts. You could also set it so amateur status would allow PT contracts, or at least that's how I read the instructions, have not verified that personally though.
  13. Anyone else having an issue with part-time contracts? My Keymer & Hassocks side went from amateur to part time and can't sign anyone to a P/T contract. I found this https://community.sigames.com/topic/369839-semi-pro-non-contract-issues/ but no chance I'm starting my save over. I'll struggle through the best I can and hope to hit full-time status soon.
  14. Could not agree more. I've been doing a youth challenge with Keymer and Hassocks, basically only using regens and not signing anyone else. Stumbled quite a bit when I hit the Mid-Sussex Championship. Struggled mid table for a few years while waiting for my youth to catch up, got relegated and then back up after two years in League 1. With improved youth and training setups I've been able to have a deeper team this go around and am fighting for promotion again. Been a very challenging but fun go. I might post screenshots one day if I quit being lazy about it. And as an aside, this database is the reason I still buy FM, great job Dan.
  15. I'm still working at it slowly. In League 3, I'll post a screen at the end of this season.
  16. I must suck at FM15. No promotion this time around. After not loosing many players the past few years lost my entire back line and my striker falls apart in big games. The top two teams were much better than me, was happy with a 2nd place in a cup. Oh well, I'll give it a go again in league 5 and see what happens.
  17. Best season to date. Only lost 1 player and another from the previous year came back. My striker who's stuck around since 2016 got 30 goals and even missed 6 weeks due to a knee. The cup loss was a 9-8 pk loss. My one league loss was at the end of the season when I was playing all untested players. Finally convinced the board to do something about the horrible pitch, hoping that helps stem the rash of injuries I get every year. We'll see how next season goes.
  18. I started with signing all my grayed out players and then filled in the blanks where the talent was especially poor with anyone I could find. Be warned, in the first few seasons anyone who shows any ability will most likely leave. Last season I still had some attrition but loyalty definately increases as you rise through the ranks. Good luck! I've had a lot of fun building the club.
  19. Disappointing cup run but happy for the promotion. Might get challenge completed before Dan has the FM16 db ready.
  20. Rough end to the season, lots of injuries and had a difficult time scoring. No loan players from my affiliate also hurt a bit. Highlight was the cup win. Much better regens coming through and managed to get training facilities upgraded as well as buying our ground.
  21. Find a site to host the image. I use http://imgur.com/ Then in your post use the insert image button and paste the bbc link from the host and it will post your image.
  22. Not too shabby. Just starting season 2020/2021, in League 7. Challenge That has my most recent season.
  23. Really appreciate you doing this Dan! I'm enjoying life as Crawley United. Just curious as to how much of the FM15 db will transfer over to FM16 without a huge effort on your part? I'd think recreating this each year would be a ton of work.
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