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  1. I have added a new version which replaces the Global Embargo file with various adjustments to English players/clubs, to allow business to carry on elsewhere whilst greatly minimising transfer activity in the custom league. Also changed yellow card rule.
  2. I have just uploaded a new version which enables a Champion's League qualification spot for the overall winner of the league!
  3. English Ceremonial Counties League A polarising opinion in English football today is that Premier League clubs have lost their sense of national identity through the influx of foreign talent and owners - resulting in a decreasing percentage of English players in the top flight. I'd like to present my custom league for Football Manager 2015 (15.3), the English Ceremonial Counties League, which takes place in an alternate reality where the FA have taken strict action to ensure that English football does not let its national identity diminish further. The entire Football League has been abolished and replaced with system divided into the regions of England: North, East, South and West. A new team has been formed for each of the 48 ceremonial counties, styled upon their county flag and based in their traditional county town. Each team is designated a place in its respective league: These clubs are 100% fan-owned, to prevent any financial exploitation by greedy owners, and a chairman is elected every four years. Teams can no longer purchase players, and must rely only on the players they produce from their county's populace. This, of course, means their success relies upon the standard of their academies - and, to improve this standard, clubs require financial backing. This money is earned through several avenues. Besides tickets and sponsors, each club earns around £1 million a season from TV revenue. Clubs also receive between £2.8m-£5m depending on their final positions in the league. There is also a national cup that takes place throughout the season, with another £1m jackpot awaiting the victor in the final. This cup requires a squad with at least 15 U23 players, however, to ensure the continued development of English talent. The top 4 from each division then enters an inter-county playoff to crown the overall champion county - the winner receives an extra £1 million and the biggest prize of all: a place in the following year's UEFA Champion's League. FILE INFORMATION Download: MediaFire This .zip contains three files: the first is the core .fmf which contains this league. The second is an extra .fmf adjusts existing English players, staff and clubs to make the custom league the primary league of the nation. The third .fmf file enables the UEFA Champions League qualification spot. I have only played this league with the English leagues loaded, so I cannot say how compatible it is with others loaded. IMPORTANT: This custom league requires that you tick Add Players to Playable Teams upon generating the game to populate the teams, and I also suggest leaving Do not Add Key Staff unticked to populate the backrooms too. Personally, I also tick Use Fake Players and Staff, as I find it jarring to see one of my opponents hire a real-life manager. Please give any contructive feedback you have - this is my first real attempt at using the Football Manager Editor so I'd like to improve it as much as possible. Enjoy!
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