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  1. Both China and Malaysia have the winner of the Eredivisie? Is there a reason why the English teams are fixed? Would be nice imo if these were randomised as well. Leicester participated a few years ago when they were champions. And to prevent the same teams from always going to the same continent.
  2. Cesc is unhappy with a lack of football. I ask Cahill to have a word, he refuses. I ask Azpi to have a word and Cesc drops his complaints. Thank you Dave (and screw you Cahill..)
  3. It's still wrong. In real life they don't just defend wide a little. Their defensive positioning in real life is wide by default, not ahead of Kanté and Matic. Aggressive closing down can then push them more forward in real life. By putting them at AMC, you're doing the exact opposite. You're asking them to defend ahead of Kante and Matic by default and only defend wide when closing down aggressively. What if you don't want to close down aggressively, but simply want to defend with a bank of four ahead of a defensive five? You won't get that by placing them at AMC. I repeat again, formation is defensive positioning first and foremost. Chelsea defend in 5-4-1 when pushed deeper (like in the screenshot posted earlier). Using formation as your attacking positions and then trying to use roles/PI's to replicate defensive behaviour is not how the match engine works. And as such, just doesn't make any sense imo. Especially since you can easily recreate a big part of the attacking movement from AMR/L. This is what defending with two AMC on support looks like: This is what defending with AMR/L on support looks like: Getting AMR/L narrow in attack is easy:
  4. No. In FM, formation is defensive positioning. Chelsea do not defend with Hazard and Pedro right in front of Matic and Kante. If you've tried it, there's no way you can claim this to be realistic, it looks very silly. Chelsea defend with Hazard and Pedro to the side of Matic and Kante. Since formation determines defensive position, there's no way you can play them at AMC. I understand why people would think that, but that's because they're looking to replicate the attacking side with the formation. That's wrong. You replicate the attacking side with player roles, duties and PI's. Give Hazard the AP role at AML and you'll see he defends to the left of Matic and in attack is far more in the centre than on the flank. You don't need an AMC position to achieve that. That's on top of the fact that Pedro and Willian most definitely spend a decent amount of time out wide. To replicate their narrow behaviour, give them an IF role with the PI sit narrow. Also throw your wing-backs forward and they'll allow Pedro/Willian to get inside further as the wing-backs occupy the flanks. Kante and Matic both take turns moving up. If you want to replicate that, you can't give either one a defend role. They both must be on support. You don't really need a defend role anyway, as you've already got three central defenders on defend. In tough matches, you could choose to do so of course to be more solid defensively. It may very well be possible Conte will also do so in real life. But in the matches so far, both Matic and Kanté are on support.
  5. @mhaffy Nice results Do keep us updates as you progress. In terms of your three central defenders, you could choose to have the two on the outside on a stopper duty, to make them just a bit more aggressive in chasing down the sides. I would then give the central one a cover duty to.. cover I've also been playing with both central midfielders on a support role, as you already have three defensive roles at the back. Obviously against stronger opponents you could go with the defend duty in midfield, but otherwise I enjoy the look of two support central midfielders You'll need two energetic players though as it's a bit box-to-box that way. Not sure if Cesc could cover that well, unless it's at home against a weaker opponent perhaps.
  6. If you give Hazard an AP role at AML, he'll roam to the center a lot. Give both wing-backs an attack duty and they'll quickly get forward to occupy the flanks. I'd also give Willian an IF (S) role. You can then also give both wing-backs the PI to stay wider and both AMR/AML the PI to get narrower. Give Costa a support role (DLF) and the three upfront so be fairly close to each other. In defence it means you'll line up 5-4-1 just like in real life.
  7. If its mutual I expect Chelsea to have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Or did the current deal simply expire in 2017?
  8. Yeah I know, it was a tough choice in the end. But Im sticking with this one.
  9. Todd kane has ruptured is cruciate ligament in his left knee in a match against Pec Zwolle
  10. Europa is excellent to give the youngsters some competitive minutes, would be most welcome.
  11. Kurt out for six months His landing looked nasty enough.
  12. Better than the last 3-3 draw here against Everton, when Cahill scored a last second overhead kick. Plenty of fight out there today, so that's at least something.
  13. Jesus, where's Remy this time? Always unavailable, utterly pointless.
  14. Having double checked the researcher guidelines, it states that adjusting the defensive line does also adjust closing down, but not vice versa. In that case it doesnt make sense imo that the defensive line visually changes when you use close down more/less (yet not when using close down much more/less). I'll report it.
  15. Adjusting closing down also visually changes the defensive line in the UI
  16. So when they're 30 we only give them one year contracts, but 17 days before we're fine with giving them 4 year contracts?
  17. The only one mentioning selling Costa is you, so not sure exactly what your entire post is based on? Remy should stop getting injured when we could use him.
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