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  1. Hi folks, Aswel as running my standard Juve save, I always start a World League save for a bit of fun. I've edited Italy to now have all of the best teams in the world over 14 divisions and put my local Irish team in the bottom league with a ton of money and am trying to construct my team. The problem I am noticing is that all of the top teams are willing to loan their best players out for little or no wage. E.g. Arsenal have just accepted a loan offer from me for Alexis Sanchex and Bellerin, both at 20% wages. Juve have accepted Pjanic at 10% with Real Madrid accepting the same for Kroos. I must admit that I only noticed it after playing Celtic in a friendly and realising they had accepted loan bits for Scott Sinclair without having him on loan so I decided to see if it was a bug and it seems to be. Has anyone got any idea why this may be happening?
  2. Jaysus lads I'm having a nightmare with Juve. Came second in Serie A, semi final of champions league and lost in the italian cup final in season one but now in season 2 I've played eight games with 7 draws and 1 loss - I don't know how I'm still employed! My current team is pretty strong: Cech Lirola - Rugani - Chiellini - Sandro Marchisio/Pjanic - Khedira Bernardeschi - Dybala - Bernard Alexis Sanches I had agreed terms with Belotti too but Torino didn't sign a replacement in time so it fell through. I seem to be struggling for goals as defensively I'm doing ok, lots of 0-0 draws last season and this. I'm sure I'll be sacked soon!
  3. Still the same here too - I was delighted when the patch was being downloaded thinking it would be fixed but still the same.
  4. What bugs me is that it's €54.99 on steam in Ireland. £38 is currently about €43 so we are getting absolutely fleeced over here!
  5. Yeah I'll keep an eye out for a HQ processor instead. I can afford about €550 at the minute but I don't mind saving for awhile longer to get the right one - if only I'd done that back in February! I only ever play 2D match engine so the graphics are never really an issue for me! Thanks again for all your help, I'll be onto you again when I get more saved! Pete
  6. Thank you Smurf. I was a bit put off by the "U" processor and lack of an SSD alright, Ill keep saving so! I completely agree about their site, it's a nightmare!! Pete
  7. Heya Smurf, Thanks for all your help on the other thread (im the guy that bought the A9 Acer Aspire) Ive tried all of the recommendations and sadly nothing is speeding it up. I tried to play my 10 year save on it yesterday and it took just under one minute to process each day - nightmare! I've been looking around for something to replace it and came across this, it should be a good upgrade but just wanted to get your opinion. There's a further 10% off until tomorrow so it would cost about €560 all in. http://www.dell.com/en-ie/shop/laptops/inspiron-15-5000/spd/inspiron-15-5567-laptop/cn55701 Pete
  8. Thanks Smurf, I'll try all of the above when I'm in work later! Thanks for all the help Pete
  9. Thanks for all the responses. That's what I was afraid of - the processor just isn't good enough. I knew it wouldn't be the best but I just didn't expect it to be so poor compared to a much older laptop - i think I'll actually dig out my old one and use it for as long as I can. On a completely unrelated topic: Anyone looking for a beautiful barely used laptop? Acer Aspire with a wicked fast AMD A9 processor?!
  10. Thank you talhak, ive disabled almost everything from startup and always go into taskmanager to shut down unnesessary apps before playing. I guess Im most afraid of having forked out for a new machine that is slow for this version but will probably be unbearable for FM18
  11. It isn't as slow as a half star rating would have you believe but it is noticeably slower with one league than my much older i5 (1st generation) with 9 leagues and a large database.
  12. I couldn't find much on here about the game running on an AMD A9 machine but mine is very slow and I'm not sure why. I know the A9 isn't the best processor out there BUT selecting only English Premiership on small database gives me just half a star on the estimated game speed. Surely this can't be right? My machine is an Acer Aspire, AMD A9-9410, 8GB Ram, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD. The game is installed on the SSD (C Drive) Any help would be greatly appreciated, I was looking forward to an enhanced performance over my 7 year old Dell but alas it's been the exact opposite! Pete
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