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  1. As the title says, there is no team/formation showing in the email. Think it's when I choose use suggested squad in the previous email so not sure if that is affecting it - screenshot attached
  2. As the title says, keeper caught, dropped to his knees and slid back over the line with it just enough to give the goal. Have included a PKM and happens at around 12:56 Rodez AF v SM Caen 1256 GK own goal.pkm
  3. as the title says, i get this error when pressing continue, especially when holidaying over international breaks etc. the game resumes fine when I choose ok though
  4. same as last year - had a player ask for a transfer request which I agreed to. I failed to get any interest and then I get press conference questions twice asking me to let him go, which I agreed to again. He then speaks to the press complaining that I wouldn't let him go.
  5. all stadiums and yes, not much better zoomed in - but I want this view for tactics
  6. Hi all - as the title says I've created anew team for an alternate history save and added legends who retired in the 1920s and 30s but they're not showing when I run a play test when it just says "No legends". Any ideas?
  7. Well what a waste of time it was posting this - thanks SI
  8. Hi as the screenshot shows the game is now almost unplayable after the last update - most of the time I just can't see the ball as the contrast between it and the pitch is so poor. Can you sort it please?
  9. Loving this new version but there's a recurring bug that also appeared in the 2016 ios version (don't know about 2017 as I don't have that). That is that the player pauses when taking a corner, while everything else is still moving and his players are running around waiting for the ball, normally for about 20 seconds but sometimes longer - the worst is about a minute. It's not to do with time wasting as I don't have that selected and it works with all tactics. It doesn't happen in every match but every 2 or 3 and sometimes right throughout that match. Also I'm using an ipad pro now and it also happened on my previous ipad, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Can you look at this is in your next updates please as it is incredibly annoying when your 1-1 Morecambe team are trying to rescue a league cup game against the mighty Rochdale in the last 10 seconds
  10. when i click to continue, the calendar animation pops up but the first 5 or 6 days are white with no gridlines
  11. When I try to change roles on the tactics screen, all the role labels are white and empty until I scroll over them
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