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  1. Interesting I've had this as well sure it would welcome a tweak from SI!
  2. I echo this it's the same for me, very dark in match and also the dark profile avatar, nothing to do with skin colour either the whole model is dark. As for the match it looks like we're playing at dusk with no floodlights.
  3. sooooo I've always been an advocate of loaning out for fees to supplement income but in this edition even though I've got players out on 700k a month in total of loan fees I can't see the income. Is it paid at the start, the end or monthly?
  4. As the title says, I'm continually having massive problems with the board saying they are 'concerned about the finances involved in the deal to loan out XXXXXX player' even though they are excellent and high earning. For example, latest is a player called Tarik Sabiri, who cost me 160k, earns £950 p/w and I've loaned out for 250k a month, though they still say this about him. It's also an issue with players coming in as well sometimes where they complain about finances of excellent deals. I have uploaded the save game and it is called SM Caen vision bug.fm
  5. as the title says, i get this error when pressing continue, especially when holidaying over international breaks etc. the game resumes fine when I choose ok though
  6. same as last year - had a player ask for a transfer request which I agreed to. I failed to get any interest and then I get press conference questions twice asking me to let him go, which I agreed to again. He then speaks to the press complaining that I wouldn't let him go.
  7. all stadiums and yes, not much better zoomed in - but I want this view for tactics
  8. Hi all - as the title says I've created anew team for an alternate history save and added legends who retired in the 1920s and 30s but they're not showing when I run a play test when it just says "No legends". Any ideas?
  9. Well what a waste of time it was posting this - thanks SI
  10. Hi as the screenshot shows the game is now almost unplayable after the last update - most of the time I just can't see the ball as the contrast between it and the pitch is so poor. Can you sort it please?
  11. Loving this new version but there's a recurring bug that also appeared in the 2016 ios version (don't know about 2017 as I don't have that). That is that the player pauses when taking a corner, while everything else is still moving and his players are running around waiting for the ball, normally for about 20 seconds but sometimes longer - the worst is about a minute. It's not to do with time wasting as I don't have that selected and it works with all tactics. It doesn't happen in every match but every 2 or 3 and sometimes right throughout that match. Also I'm using an ipad pro now and it also happened on my previous ipad, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Can you look at this is in your next updates please as it is incredibly annoying when your 1-1 Morecambe team are trying to rescue a league cup game against the mighty Rochdale in the last 10 seconds
  12. when i click to continue, the calendar animation pops up but the first 5 or 6 days are white with no gridlines
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