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  1. Hi there just wondering if anyone can help with this issue please? As the title says, adding all these for my re-creation of a fictional modern Newton Heath club and nothing is showing in game. Anyone any ideas? I've donw it with no problem in the past easily. The honours one is an odd one as the league and cup histories are showing as a win but still saying no honours on the club screen.
  2. sooooo I've always been an advocate of loaning out for fees to supplement income but in this edition even though I've got players out on 700k a month in total of loan fees I can't see the income. Is it paid at the start, the end or monthly?
  3. Hi all - as the title says I've created anew team for an alternate history save and added legends who retired in the 1920s and 30s but they're not showing when I run a play test when it just says "No legends". Any ideas?
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