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  1. Hi guys, Does anybody know of a good tactic our there at the moment too play possession football like barca or arsenal?
  2. guys, how am i able to rename the Champions Cup to the UEFA Champions League? the name its set to at the moment is just annoying lol
  3. Top player mate, i bought him as a replacement for coloccnii at newcastle. hes always a force at the back, i developed his heading stats alot more and he was beast from set pieces
  4. Yeah im the same, ive only been a newcastle for 3 seasons. Would be good to win a domestic league in each country. Definitely wont be taking another english job
  5. Anyone else left newcastle for another job yet i wonder? After winning the champions league, FA Cup, club world championship and super cup i got offered the arsenal, liverpool and ac milan jobs
  6. I cant get campbell to score to be honest, not at the level everyone else is. So them prefered moves sound good to me. Any tips for defending jack since we both use the same strategy and formation? I ship quite a few goals a game but score plenty
  7. I seem to be scoring alot of goals in my 4-2-3-1 tactic with a control strategy but does anyone have any advice for not conceding? most games i play even against weaker teams involve big score lines like 3-2, 3-3, 4-2 etc. i cant seem to keep clean sheets. i always get hit on the counter which is annoying. What will happen if i play the control strategy but specify a deeper defensive line rather than pushing higher up (which its set to by default) ? will this mess the control strategy up? If i can get this right i reckon i could win the title rather than finishing just in the top 4. I did win the champions league last season which was a miracle.
  8. Anyone have any tricks for getting the best out of adam campbell. he seems prolific for everyone but me lol. Ive got him as a poacher in front of dzagoev. His confidence is shot now because he just cant seem to score.
  9. Jack, against the weaker teams i generally try not to over complicate things. I try to control the game rather attacking strategy and untick the specific instructions
  10. jack what sort of insturctions do u use on that formation. i have the same but im leaking a few goals and cant seem to get results against the top teams. im sitting in 3rd. i have ayew in mdifield with cabaye. dzagoev as the playmaker and fischer on the left. campbell as a poacher.
  11. Well as i say i cant get the best out of dzagoev in that playmaker role. I have the midfielders now set to passing more shorter to keep the ball
  12. can anyone help me out with my tactic. im not doing to badly, im in the top 4 but i cant seem to push on and beat the big teams and get the consistency i need to win the PL. Im playing 4-2-3-1 ben arfa and fishcer on the wings. Adam campbell up front as a poacher. Dzagoev behind the striker as a playmaker. and ayew and cabaye in midfield. Ayew is set to ball winning midfielder. cabaye is a deep playmaker. I cant seem to get the best out of dzagoev. i dont know whether this is the problem. anyone help would be great
  13. cant seem to get any consistency with my newcastle team. Im playing mainly 4-2-3-1 wide. Brought in victor ficher to play on the left. Im using shouts and i dominate posession a fair bit but i just loose or draw games i shouldnt. cant seem to do well against the top teams either. anyway to turn this posession into clear cut chances?
  14. Still got my west brom game goin on FM Classic. Coming up to february and im about 2-3 points off a champions league spot. Currently sitting in 7th. Good thing about my team is that were solid, olsson is doing fantastic at centre back and next season its my mission to get another top defender in there. Lukaku is terrible for me, shane long is banging them in so i think getting another striker would be a good idea too.
  15. I had no complaints about signing mark davies, my best player by far was the signing of taraabt from QPR. scored most of my goals as an inside forward. Im struggling with Lukaku though, im not sure how to play him up front as the lone striker. Ive been playing him as an advanced forward which doesnt seem to be working out too well.
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