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  1. quick query. for a champions league team, what are your bottom limits for the criteria? 11-20? or 15-20? because at 15 there is **** all players at FB
  2. personally i think tactic 4 was tthe best
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    awesome help lads. much appreciated
  4. what would you say the minimum rating for each attribute should be? 11-15? for a title challenging side in the 1st season. it's difficult to find a CM with those attributes
  5. some sort of error like that. I haven't been as hardcore as i was with 08 (lets face it, 09 just isn't as good), but, with the help of the frankly awesome tylerbode tactics i finally started two enjoyable games hazza! one fun oen with man city and one serious one with my beloved spur. whilst on spurs the update is enormously annoying giving them a transfer budget of £0. Levy has never said that there is no money for new players, and it's just been the usual 'Arry hyperbole saying he's skint, he said spurs were skint in jan because of the stadium but still spent £40m! anyway my mann city file won't load and neither will my spurs file. which is annoying. i may have bluescreened when the man city one was saving but i have no idea why the spurs game won't load. any suggestions as to why they won't load?
  6. i'll try these out with a new game as man city now. feedback soon.
  7. final report: Tactic: 4231 I've done the usual 10 games with a new tactic. It's been really bad tbh lol. My team: GK: Gomes LB: Bale RB: Gunter CB: Woodgate/King CB: Corluka CM: Jenas DCM: Veloso AML: Barnetta AMR: Bentley AMC: Modric ST: Pavlyuchenko Results: Tottenham 0 - 1 Arsenal Stoke 3 - 0 Tottenham Tottenham 2 - 3 Hull Wigan 2 - 0 Tottenham Tottenham 3 - 1 Dortmund (uefa cup) Tottenham 2 - 2 West Brom Tottenham 3 - 0 Sheff Weds (league cup) Chelsea 2 - 1 Tottenham Dortmund 2 - 0 Tottenham (uefa cup) Tottenham 1 - 1 Bolton So after 10 games i've been knocked out in the first round of the uefa cup. I also didn't win in 7 league games and am sitting Bottom (20th) in the league with 2 points. I don't want to flame your tactics or anything but this is officially the worst start i have ever made on any management game. After a few games i did try to switch it up a bit by changing the runs to mixed. But it had little to no affect. I have absolutely no idea how you managed to get good results using this tactic with spurs.
  8. i'm sorry mate but these tax just do not seem to be working. i'm playing as spurs in the first season results thus far: tottenham 0 - 1 arsenal stoke 3 - 0 tottenham tottenham 2 - 3 hull i'm using the 103pt tactic. lineup: GK: Gomes RB: Hutton LB: Bale CB: King CB: Woodgate DMC: M. Veloso CM: Palacios AMR: Bentley AML: Barnetta AMC: Modric ST: Pavlyuchenko I've seen that you've gotten good results with this tactic. How!? The performances have been absolutely diabolical. ONE shot on target against stoke. the midfielders aren't marking anyone and there is just nothing going forward. What OI are you using? i've only been using asst fedback thus far.
  9. yeh im just selling defoe, dawson, zokora, gilberto. bringing in veloso and probably defour.
  10. i'm going to start using the 4231 tactic with spurs on 9.3, but i'm wondering what sort of stats do the payers need in centre mid? as i'm playing 3 AMs i was thinking of playing someone like Palacios and Kuzmanovic. two hard tackling box-box Cms. but specifically which stats should i be looking at mostly? tackling, teamwork and passing? also what sort of stats should i look for in the lone striker? good in the air and strong, or good finishing and pace? i'm thinking of going for vagner love for it.
  11. which one is the 4-1-4-1? the dm tactic?
  12. i decided to give it another crack and im sorry mate but im far from impressed. results liverpool 3-2 tottenham villa 4 - 2 tottenham tottenham 1 - 2 chelsea tottenham 1 - 1 bolton (who were down to 10 men for 60 mins)
  13. ive tried these tax with spurs in the 1st season and it hasnt gone well. (9.3). pre season went well but it was vs very poor teams. opening 3 games i lost 4-0 to liver pool, 1-0 to villa, 3-1 to city. not easy opponents i know but i expected more. it's difficult with spurs as they arent gelled, but with matts tactics on 9.2 i got 4th with my first season at spurs. i expected more of the same.