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  1. quick query. for a champions league team, what are your bottom limits for the criteria? 11-20? or 15-20? because at 15 there is **** all players at FB
  2. what would you say the minimum rating for each attribute should be? 11-15? for a title challenging side in the 1st season. it's difficult to find a CM with those attributes
  3. i'll try these out with a new game as man city now. feedback soon.
  4. the tactics were absolutley brilliant on 08, the best by a country mile. tbh i've barely played 09 as i'm waiting for the kimz tactic before i get stuck in please make one for 09!
  5. well it woukd appear that i have been proven wrong. the first 3 games using the tactic went poorly, so i thought i'd give it 2 more games i'm now on a 13 match unbeaten streak in all comps including a very nice 4-2 win over league leaders liverpool my only concern is that i've been drawing quite a few games really. but it's probably me jsut giving a dodgy team talk or something
  6. my pc crashed so i had to start it again. realised i forgot the oi. still no change. played 3: man u drew 2-2 bolton lost 5-3 arsenal lost 2-1 i'll give it another 2 games and if things don't change im afraid to say i'l hae to say that it's a failure
  7. my lineup atm is: robinson bale hutton woodgate kaboul makoun jenas m.fernandez van der vaart modric berbatov i just don't see how this tactic is supposed to work. with all your midfielders and wing backs pushaed up so far you get raped on the counter. theres no cover for the defense. when you have possession it effectively becomes a formation of 2-8 :s i played 3 games with it lost 4-3 to man u, 2-0 to bolton and 5-2 to arsenal. i just don't see how this tactic can defend effectively .
  8. hmm not impressed so far i must say. using v2.2 of the tactic. just played away to bolton in the league cup and lost 2-0. so ive used it for 2 games conceded 6 and scored 3. ive also been using the wolfsong team talk guide
  9. hmmm. just used it for my 1st game with my spurs team 1st season vs man u. lost 4-3 at home, berbatov scored a hat-trick. i need a dm for it to work i think, main problem is my cb's pace (14) as ronaldo and rooney slaughtered me at the back on the break
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