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  1. LOL, I don't mind sending them to you again next time but some points must be noticed.... Will let you know later once getting back the database
  2. @Kanwulf , so.. i would like to ask if you may interested to take part in some of the asian nations such as Iran? The Iranian data of Season 2017/18 was fully updated in the last update (Many apps and goals are not accurate filled by someone) because transfermarkt.com has many missing info especially for Azadegan League. All those squad status has been updated at least until 2017/18 season.
  3. We Lei's ability has been slightly improved.
  4. I would suggest you to raise your concern to the Indian HR on the Indian specific thread. I have told him such issue as well.. Players from India are generally setting too weak and seriously underrated. It is just slightly better than Bhutan.....
  5. About the Thai data, we have a quite good Thai assistant, the info has been passed to him for his consideration of changes.
  6. Please note that Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar are not under my control and the Indian researcher helping to update them. For Palestinian data, it was on the hand of israeli researcher since many years ago.
  7. 1) All the requests on updating on Vietnamese national team players are done. The national team players are better now and I also agreed that they deserve a higher CA/PA after the surprising performance in Asian Cup, U23 Asian Cup and ASEAN Championship. Their CA/PA will further be pushed up if they further perform better later on. 2) For the Myanmarese players listed above, they are also updated.
  8. The changing on club name will be held on first as there are no info at all this moment regarding the new season and new competition.
  9. About the stadiums and national team staff. It was reported.
  10. This one has to be hold on as Bangladesh database has not yet fully updated
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