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  1. It was 9am in the morning and they only do Astra at the one she went to (and I think the majority of the mass vaccination centres around here), so no idea really.
  2. Wife had hers today as her carer. Was very impressed with the quickness of it all. Some people around her got turned away for turning up without actually booking on though. Don't get why you even would, just wasting everyone's time.
  3. Anyone in group 6 (clinically vulnerable) - you can now book online. I have just done mine and got it booked for Sunday, otherwise who knows when my GP would have contacted me.
  4. It says that on the first page and then when you click through says what JJ posted. Was why I was so confused about it the other day. Guess they forgot to update the wording when they added the update for carers Either that or my wife is going to get turned away when she goes because it's been booked wrong 😂
  5. You have to click the social care one, my wife had the same issue.
  6. I did this soon after my wife got booked on for her vaccine as my carer earlier today, and they told me I had to wait until my gp or the NHS contacted me, so this just makes me feel loads better 😂
  7. Cheers, had to select the social care option. All booked in for her
  8. Just tried and it wouldn't let my wife book (she is my carer). Said unpaid carers can book soon? Tbf I still haven't got my letter yet either and I'm group 6 so I'm not holding my breath
  9. More people have M.E than have M.S but M.S has a lot more funding and research (by an astronomical amount) and was actually believed by Doctors/Neurologists before Covid came along (M.E was believed to be a psychological illness). So yeah, I get this. People not accepting Long Covid is exactly the same as people not accepting M.E and they both have so many overlapping similarities in terms of symptoms and causes and lasting outcomes. I honestly don't get it.
  10. This. For Spiderman (I'm assuming Miles Moreles here), you either want Fidelity or Performance RT mode for the proper 4K experience (performance RT being the the 60 FPS Ray tracing mode but a much less density population/traffic etc, but swinging etc is so much smoother)
  11. That blog has really hit me. I've mentioned before I have M.E, and everything in there was my experience when I first came down with it, from the splitting headaches, to the sudden loss of legs (which took me two years to recover from) and use of the left arm (I also suffered numerous dislocations and tears of the left shoulder, can't be a coincidence?). That has honestly thrown me reading that
  12. Sticking with my theory that Robin is 100% Aston. That lad has moves!
  13. Ashton from JLS won the strictly Christmas special dancing to can't stop the feeling which Robin sang the other week, so there is that. Do love when the clues can point to multiple people though, unlike when sausage is clearly Sheridan 😂
  14. Robin is one of the JLS guys, the eastenders clue from one of the first episodes gave it away (they sang there on comic relief one year) as well as the obvious sports relief stuff. The same ep which had the clue about eastenders also mentioned flying without wings which was what JLS sang in the final of X factor.
  15. You guys need to download mouse jiggler. Moves your mouse automatically and is no install either. It's been a life saver 😂
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