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  1. Took over Blackburn in 2017 and started using this after a slow start to the season and the results...see for yourself (no idea what happened League Cup week!!) My star striker: Absolute beast of a tactic
  2. From March until the playoffs I tinkered with the tactic, sometimes leaving as is, sometimes going with the CAM and sometimes going with the poacher. Have to say, out of the three, the poacher ones got me the best results. Ended up winning the last 3 games of the season, both playoff legs and the final quite easily. I felt with the normal v3 (Attack with cm) I would lose most away matches. Moving CM to Striker Poacher stopped that.
  3. I am using the newest version (v3 attack) with Chorley (first season in conference north, predicted relegation, all part timers) and in March I am currently second, 8 points behind 1st but 6 points in front of 3rd. All I would say is make sure you are taking team talks yourself. I originally let my assistant take them and got nowhere, so started again with me doing them and the results have been great (except in the cups, but I do try and rest my main players in them). I don't tend to have big results (not many over 4 goals) but I do have quite a few clean sheets.
  4. In 2015, took over Swansea who are in 17th, although still in Uefa and FA Cup. Ended up winning both but finishing 12th due to fixture congestion at the end of season. Beat teams like AC Milan, Arsenal, Man City on my way to winning each trophy. Excellent tactic for this patch.
  5. Yeah this tactic seems to do really well against Chelsea and Man City, ironically the team that I have the most problem using it against......Southampton!
  6. This is phenomenal on this game with latest patches. I am currently on a 15 game unbeaten streak with Blackburn. Making me play the game and it being fun once again.
  7. I am exactly the same. Used to rely on downloading tactics as I really did not have the time to painstakingly create my own with sliders. Also didn't like using the TC as I could never get one to work for my team. I mean the last one I created on this patch left me with 0 shots at all in some games.... ...Then I read this thread, and I think I have now sussed it. In 2015 with Blackburn, struggled to 11th the previous season as I just could not score. Created a tactic similar to the one in the OP, using shouts, and have now just got to September. First game drew with a very strong Manchester City 2-2 (with Aguero scoring in the dying minutes), then I smashed QPR 5-0, Morecambe 3-0 in the cup and Fulham 4-0. I am loving the play too, pass and move, one twos and Nangis scored one of the best goals I have ever seen on the game, dribbling around 4 or 5 players, Messi style. Can honestly say I am enjoying the FM13 for the first time now.
  8. Very good for me so far with Blackburn, except the two games in which my midfield decided to stop being footballers and turn into MMA fighters. Not a fault of the tactic though! Fantastic tweaks.
  9. Haha exactly like me. I wouldn't mind, but I left my work laptop at home which has fm on! Could have got away with it :-(
  10. Using the classic version I just won the league with Blackburn, scoring 105 goals in the process. Fantastic tactic, doesn't seem to do well for me at the start (was 9th until December then I just started thrashing everyone, new season I have won 1, drawn 1, lost 1) but second half of the season I was beating all the big teams by atleast 3 goals a match.
  11. I like this idea, as obviously Ewood Park was named so because it is based within the Ewood area of Blackburn, if it moved, it would not still have this name.
  12. First impressions.....I like it, I like it a lot! Beat Roma 2-0 away, beat Charlton 6-5 at home, beat Oldham 5-0 at home and beat Reading 2-0 away. Not exactly the best teams to see it against but I don't care, they are usually games I would draw or lose. Well done sir
  13. The thing with the cbs not picking up the lone striker must be an exploit as I have seen it with many lone striker tactics. In my blackburn rovers game using my own tactic Gouffran got four against Arsenal then 5 against Chelsea playing as the lone striker, just because the cbs did nothing. Will give your tactic a try and report back on how it does for my rovers team (finished 4th last season)
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