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  1. Using the classic version I just won the league with Blackburn, scoring 105 goals in the process. Fantastic tactic, doesn't seem to do well for me at the start (was 9th until December then I just started thrashing everyone, new season I have won 1, drawn 1, lost 1) but second half of the season I was beating all the big teams by atleast 3 goals a match.
  2. First impressions.....I like it, I like it a lot! Beat Roma 2-0 away, beat Charlton 6-5 at home, beat Oldham 5-0 at home and beat Reading 2-0 away. Not exactly the best teams to see it against but I don't care, they are usually games I would draw or lose. Well done sir
  3. The thing with the cbs not picking up the lone striker must be an exploit as I have seen it with many lone striker tactics. In my blackburn rovers game using my own tactic Gouffran got four against Arsenal then 5 against Chelsea playing as the lone striker, just because the cbs did nothing. Will give your tactic a try and report back on how it does for my rovers team (finished 4th last season)
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