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  1. Did he have a clause in his contract that gave an automatic extension once he's played a certain number of games in the final season of his contract?
  2. Perhaps it's only an option at certain times of the year?
  3. I haven't got the game open, but I'm fairly sure it gets added as an option under Board Requests.
  4. Hello. Not sure if this will help or not. However, have you tried changing your philosophies to the one that states you will sign young players for the first team (I forget the exact philosophy and I'm away from my laptop with FM on). I think if you have this as your philosophy the board may be more amenable to sanctioning the transfer and I think they will also offer to negotiate on your behalf. Might be worth a bash.
  5. JP Chenet - Love the reference to Football Director. Used to love FD1 and FD 2 myself
  6. Firstly, I'm getting on a bit (41 years old w/ two kids) so I wasn't going to get FM18. However, apart from one or two new features that I'm trying to get to grips with (such as scouting) I think it's fantastic! Secondly, I'm also playing as Coventry City and I noticed initially the players were not interested in anything I had to say. My assumption was because the team was recently relegated and the characters in the dressing room may still be down in the dumps. Or it could be because an inexperienced manager has taken over and I currently don't have their respect. I have noticed in the dynamics section that as the season has progressed, morale has slowly increased and players have become more attentive, which to me adds a bit more realism. During team-talks they still don't always seem overly interested but at this stage it hasn't affected results. On previous versions you could take over a struggling team, buy a few players and move a few players on, and you'd be smashing out the wins in no time. Now it needs a bit more thought to how you give teams talks (not being too harsh if we lose) and asking players to handle certain tasks like tutoring. As I said, I'm loving FM18 and loving the challenge of Coventry City.
  7. Interestingly, I've just signed a Japanese player who is due to join in 5 months time, and in the message confirming the transfer it says "Takuma Miura" will attempt to start learning English before arriving." Maybe some players make the effort, and some don't?
  8. Not sure if this has already been raised. However, I have just signed an Argentinian player from a French side on a Bosman in February for my Nottm Forest side. He doesn't speak English. However, when he eventually signs on 1 July I'll be offered the chance to send him on an intensive language course. Wouldn't it be better for that offer to be made after the contract has been agreed so that by the time he formally signs he'll have a basic grasp of English?
  9. Hmmm... I having the same issue. I didn't have any issues in my first season, but in season two I do. I alt+tab frequently so I can change music etc..., and after a few days of gameplay it causes the game to freeze and / or crash.
  10. In FM14 I was dumped as Ipswich boss when there was a takeover after I had a decent first season. They were flirting with relegation before I took over. I'm almost certain I wasn't given time to prove myself to the new owner. Lightning almost struck twice. When I was Palace boss there was a takeover but their preferred manager joined Watford, and after a few games they let me stay on.
  11. Yep. There are two threads regarding this in the bugs forum. It also affects Nottingham Forest.
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