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  1. Is it a known issue that the players in the graphics engine are often the wrong race/skin color and/or have the wrong hair color/style? I browsed the forum but I couldn't see anything about it. Is there a fix for this?
  2. I have Derby promoted to the Premier League but we're getting thrashed (similar to what happened in real life *cringe*) by pretty much every team we come up against. I'm desperate so if anyone has any suggestions for plug and play tactic downloads that could help for that situation I'd massively appreciate it! Thanks
  3. I don't know if this is something anyone else is experiencing but it's seems that 90% of the time, as any player is running into the box they will not pass, regardless of how tight the angle is or how likely they look to score. There are typically in these situations one or two players onside that they can pass to but they shoot and invariably, the majority of the time, miss. I've changed the options in my tactics to tell players to cross more often and take less shots but it doesn't change anything. I've noticed this with the opposition sides also. Is this a known issue?
  4. Is there a good defensive, counter attacking tactic anyone could recommend for me for a underdog team going up against giants in their first season in the premiership? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I've used a few suggested tactics in the past and they've worked okay up to a point, but I need something to help me over the finish line to promotion. I usually use 4-2-2-1 style formations but I'm really open to any suggestions right now. Any help is much appreciated!
  6. @Origin.Unknown I've had some success with the pep4123v2 tactic. Do you have a link to the description or any more info on that one? Thanks!
  7. Just wondering why is takes so long to get scout reports on certain players. Does that have to do with the scouting budget or maybe the amount of scouts you have? I have some players I asked for a scout report on months ago and it still says that he's being scouted and the report will be available shortly.
  8. Hi, just as title says really, I enjoy managing teams in the lower English leagues and am looking for an edge. I'm currently managing Peterborough and I've tried a couple of tactics from here on top of working with my own but we aren't having much luck. Struggling to stay in the play offs. I tend to like playing a wide 4-1-4-1 but I'm open to anything right now. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I'm playing with Peterborough in the English first and things seem to be going well. Only half a season in but we're up in the playoff area and definitely competing. Obviously it's harder to find players to meet the requirements at that level but the only issue I can see is that it seems really had for us to score in a lot of games. Lots of possession but not really enough goals.
  10. Hi there It's been a while since I played FM17 but I started it up again last night with the plan to start a new game with a new team. I selected career and went to the league I wanted to manage in and it did nothing when I clicked to select the team I wanted to manage. I tried it on a number of different clubs, different league etc. Nothing. So I figured I'd just click "quick start" in the bottom right corner in case I'd missed something and the game just crashed as it was completing the setup. It's updated to the 17.3 update. It appears my old saved game works just fine. Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  11. It probably hasn't changed in the last couple of release but I'm playing FM17 so that's the one I want to ask about I'm getting the usual complaints about my players being overloaded with training, even when in some cases their overall individual training is listed as "medium". I was just wondering, does setting the "position training" option to whatever the generic "playing position" option is removal player training altogether for the particular player? I always try to train every player in the position that they are playing or that I'd prefer them to play or if I'm retraining them. Sometimes that position training just happens to be the same as the "playing position". Therefore is it worth changing it or does that just add extra unnecessary training stress on the players? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions! Nathan
  12. Nevermind, I got it from my old FM2016 save. Not working quite as well, though. Looking forward to your newest FM2017 release! Good luck pal!
  13. Hi there Just wondering, with the "Backroom Advice" module, what is the best attribute for a staff member to have for giving advice on "Player Development" (Praising for good perf. etc.) ? I was thinking Man Management but wasn't sure. Like I've seen posted, it would be useful to go back to last year's game and use the way they showed each staff members pertinent ratings for each area of advice. Hopefully, that's something they're working on fixing. But if anyone has any suggestions on this it would be much appreciated. Also, in general, the types of staff attributes suggested for all areas of the Backroom Advice module...if there's a post on that someone could kindly direct me to because I couldn't locate one Thanks in advance Nathan
  14. Hey Franky, love your tactics...would it be possible for you to post a screen pic of your "instructions" screen so I can try and set this one up the same way for FM2017? I guess they've gone back to the .tac file system for the full game version so, just like last year, tactics from previous games aren't showing up. And changing the directory from .fmf to .tac doesn't work either :/
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