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  1. Hi there It's been a while since I played FM17 but I started it up again last night with the plan to start a new game with a new team. I selected career and went to the league I wanted to manage in and it did nothing when I clicked to select the team I wanted to manage. I tried it on a number of different clubs, different league etc. Nothing. So I figured I'd just click "quick start" in the bottom right corner in case I'd missed something and the game just crashed as it was completing the setup. It's updated to the 17.3 update. It appears my old saved game works just fine. Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. It probably hasn't changed in the last couple of release but I'm playing FM17 so that's the one I want to ask about I'm getting the usual complaints about my players being overloaded with training, even when in some cases their overall individual training is listed as "medium". I was just wondering, does setting the "position training" option to whatever the generic "playing position" option is removal player training altogether for the particular player? I always try to train every player in the position that they are playing or that I'd prefer them to play or if I'm retraining them. Sometimes that position training just happens to be the same as the "playing position". Therefore is it worth changing it or does that just add extra unnecessary training stress on the players? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions! Nathan
  3. Nevermind, I got it from my old FM2016 save. Not working quite as well, though. Looking forward to your newest FM2017 release! Good luck pal!
  4. Hi there Just wondering, with the "Backroom Advice" module, what is the best attribute for a staff member to have for giving advice on "Player Development" (Praising for good perf. etc.) ? I was thinking Man Management but wasn't sure. Like I've seen posted, it would be useful to go back to last year's game and use the way they showed each staff members pertinent ratings for each area of advice. Hopefully, that's something they're working on fixing. But if anyone has any suggestions on this it would be much appreciated. Also, in general, the types of staff attributes suggested for all areas of the Backroom Advice module...if there's a post on that someone could kindly direct me to because I couldn't locate one Thanks in advance Nathan
  5. Hey Franky, love your tactics...would it be possible for you to post a screen pic of your "instructions" screen so I can try and set this one up the same way for FM2017? I guess they've gone back to the .tac file system for the full game version so, just like last year, tactics from previous games aren't showing up. And changing the directory from .fmf to .tac doesn't work either :/
  6. Um yeah...I've been playing these games for long enough to understand that. Not sure what your response has to do with my question, though. I've been able to train other players in the PPMs suggested by Franky, it just was not an option for this particular player and I was wondering if the OP had run into that issue before.
  7. Hi there, just wanted to say great job on the tactics! I think I've about used every single one of them so far and am having a great time with this game thanks to them. Quick question; you mentioned having the RPM switch the ball to the other flank as a PPM. This doesn't seem to be available for that role. I checked the wing backs and they have the option to be trained to "switch possession to the other side of the pitch" which I assume is the same thing. Am I missing something or doing something incorrectly? I'm using the full version of the game so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks again Nathan
  8. [FM16] Player profile screen

    Maybe a silly question so sorry but do you need to download fmeditor to change the parameters for the player portrait? If not, I'm a little confused as to where you go. I've downloaded the files and placed them where it says to, deleted the cache, reloaded the skin but nothing happens. I already have a graphics folder where all my player pics are, I'm assuming this is where the "Icons" folder goes, correct? Sorry, I can usually play around with these things to get them to work but this one is seriously flummoxing me. Thanks in advance!
  9. fm16? They won't load when I've downloaded them, put them in the tactics folder and tried to load them in game. Thanks in advance. Nate
  10. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    Okay, thanks Dan.
  11. [FM15] England Level 24 [WIP]

    Hi, I'm new to this lower leagues file. I jusy on a why decided I wanted to try out managing F.C United and found the E24-Level 24+ etc file. After adding it to the editor file data I get a crash error with the following: "Warning could not process rule group settings in C:\users\Nathan\Doc\Sportsinteractive\FM\2015\editor data\E24 - Level 24 - League Cups 4.0 dbc. All teams in Level 18 must be assignment to the parent division or it's child division, not both." I realize the answer may be in this thread so I apologize if it is, I just scanned through and couldn't see an updated file or directions etc. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. I'm using the 14.3 database and haven't edited anything. I haven't even downloaded the editor file and don't really know much about using it. Thanks Nathan
  12. .Fmf files

    Ah excellent, Thank you!
  13. I've just picked up playing FM15 again after a few months and I download a couple of new tactics, copied them into my tactics folder but the game isn't recognizing them when I go to select them. No "Archived tactics" option comes up. I've tried changing their extension to .tac which at that point the game recognizes and lets you select the tactic but says it's not usable when you click on it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Seems like it worked! Thought I'd tried all that but I must have missed a step. The flickering stopped and no more slow action on clicking. Thank you very much Neil!
  15. ...then freezes, then proceeds normally into loading saved game but is often unresponsive when clicking on any buttons, e.g the continue button, on an actual player. It doesn't seem to recognize the click and you have to wait for it to catch up. I've tried a different mouse, deleting my cache in and outside of the game and doing a cache verify and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. All my drivers are up to date and the game ran perfectly through the beta. It was only after the first day of release I started with these problems. Anyone have the same issue or any other ideas as how to fix thins? Thanks in advance Nathan