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  1. The ability to advise/suggest a replacement coach/manager/assistant manager/player coming toward the end of their playing carrier for when you retire or move onto another club, you would only be able to do this if you have been at the club for some time and you have been linked to another club.
  2. Being able to start out as a coach or assistant manager, also being able to be employed as a reserves or youth team manager at club level or under 21/19 manager at international level. Another feature could see a player get injured during a match with a lengthy amount of time lapsing whilst he is being treated resulting in 10 or more minuets of stoppage time. Perhaps also have some games where a spectator runs across the pitch followed by a bunch of stewards. In big cup games and crucial end of season matches where a victory will see you promoted or avoid relegation have pitch invasions at the end of the match. Increase the number of leagues the that we could manage teams that are not even in the blue square league. Add the women's game so you could manage Arsenal ladies or England ladies.
  3. We all know that you can go out and buy a physical copy of Football Manager for PC/Mac or you can download it via Steam. Also the past 2 or 3 years you could download it to a smart phone and play the handheld edition, the only problem I found with the handheld edition on a smart phone was that I never felt into the game as with the PC version, I never felt like I was a manager at a football club like you do when your at your PC/Mac, and sometimes I find it easier just to turn on the PlayStation rather than boot up a PC. I don't know whether SI have any future plans to bring out copies of Football Manager for games consoles, I know there was one for the Xbox 360, but if there ever are plans for console versions of the game then I would like the games to feel more like a PC/Mac version rather than the handheld version. So here are some ideas for how the games could be played on a console, (if you have any ideas please post them). Xbox 360 - You could utilize the Kinect, if you were a Player Manager you could run about on the pitch. As a manager on the sidelines you could shout instructions to the players on the field or abuse to the ref and officials and get sent to the stands. PS3 - Using the move feature - you could point directions you want your players to run when your team has the ball or when the opposition has the ball Wii - Same as PS3 but the game would probably have to be a scaled down version Obviously with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions you would still be able to play with the normal controllers. So what do you think? If SI made versions for consoles how would you like to play the game for each console and what additional features would you like to see introduced for a console game?
  4. Thank you all for your insightful comments, this was not meant to be a thread against Steam. It would seem from your comments that it was just a coincidence and I should have now worries about Steam. So I am now certain that I will be buying FM2013, I still prefer the option of having a physical copy of the disc and am tempted by the price at play.com http://www.play.com/Games/PC/4-/36132127/0/Football-Manager-2013/ListingDetails.html?searchstring=Football+manager+2013&searchsource=0&searchtype=allproducts&urlrefer=search Now off to write another thread hope you like this next one!
  5. That's a shame, sometimes the only way of getting a new game is to make a little bit of money by selling an old game.
  6. That's a good idea. I feel sorry for people who have no Internet connection at home, or only get dial up speeds, I know of someone who's maximum download speed was 56k, and that was broadband which offered upto 2mb, the reason it was so slow was because of them being one of the last houses furthest from the exchange, they now have cable and get faster speeds. But for people stuck out in the sticks maybe there should still be a way of installing and running the game without an Internet connection.
  7. I would like to get the CD when it comes out, would I still be able to sell the game on next year for when FM2014 comes out?
  8. I didn't download steam from a website it was the option on the disc, install via Steam or install via disc
  9. It was an assumption, although someone I went to college with also had the same problem. I am very tempted to buy FM2013 when it comes out.
  10. Hi all, just a little question, I didn't get FM2012 last year purely for 1 reason, Steam! The reason being was when Steam first became an option for installing FM, I think it was 2009 but can't be sure, you had the option of installing via Steam or via the disc, I inadvertently clicked via Steam, and that was when my problems began, my computer at the time became infected with a Trojan virus, which I put down to Steam, I had never had a virus on my computer before then, I spent days reinstalling windows etc. and eventually reinstalled FM via the disc, before any one says anything at this point I would like to point out that my antivirus and firewall software was all upto date at the time. Ever since then I was determined never to install anything via steam again and was happy to install and run the next FM games via the disc. When I found out that FM2012 needed steam to install and run I decided not to buy it, but my withdrawal symptoms from the FM series is just too much to bare! So should I get FM2013, can I be reassured tha Steam won't cause any problems to my nice new shiny laptop, and more importantly would it run on the laptop? The specs on the laptop are, (Processor : Intel® Core? i7-3610QM (2.30GHz, 6MB cache), RAM : 6 GB, Graphics card : NVIDIA® GT650M 2GB GDDR3, Screen size : 17.3", Hard drive : 1 TB SATA II, 5400 rpm, Operating System : Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit))
  11. ***BREAKING NEWS*** It has emerged today that Leicester City are after a number of transfer targets. Having relying on the managers own judgement in signing player the Chairman is prepared to bring in the following players: - WBA ---- Giles Barnes Gabriel Tamas Simon Cox -------------- Fulham ------ Micah Richards David Stockdale Nathan Delfouneso Peter Oxley ---------------- Wolves ------ Jack Hobbs Giannos Chrysostomou
  12. Leicester City Statement I know it has been a while since Leicester City have been active in the transfer market etc. so to make it up I am offering an iPad 2! head over to http://n11.me/4dc0777ccd84e
  13. The Leicester board would like to congratulate the players and management for their 12th place finish on our return to the premiership, we would also like to express our joy at gaining a euorpean spot though being an FA Cup runner up, however we are concerned with our leaky defence and were dissapointed with loosing 5-0 to ManU(re).
  14. Leicester Promoted As Chairman of Leicester City I would like to congratulate Stuart Pearce and the players on achieving promotion via the Championship Play offs, I will be looking to build I team to challenge for the Premiership title, Arsenal watch your backs!
  15. The Leicester stats are come up as Norwich
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