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  1. Hi there, I cant find the folder for FMH 2015 on my Kindle Fire when its connected to my PC. All my other game folders are there, but jsut not FMH 2015. Any suggestions as to where it is?
  2. Hi all, I would really appreciate a screenie of AFC Bournmouths Callum Wilson and Matt Richie in 2017 or later. Cheers in advance
  3. When you are setting the game up, on the screen where you choose the leagues available there is a tick box option saying something like "allow first window transfers". Sounds like you have left his unticked, means that until the second transfer window(Jan 2012 in England/Most of Europe) no team will have a transfer budget. You can still sign freebies/loans though.
  4. Zero transfer budget and a wage budget of £400k pw. Which seeing as the wage spend is £475k pw give or take is gonna be a challenge.
  5. OK Guys, Beginning of season 2. Blackburn Rovers, finished 7th in first season and won FA Cup. I play a 4-3-3 lone striker formation. My dilema is..... Salomon Rondon(£10.25mil) or Cristian Benitez(£6.75)? Any advise would be much appreciated.
  6. Brett Emerton left Blackburn Rovers on a free transfer and joined Sydney FC on a 3 year deal. http://www.goal.com/en/news/14/asia/2011/08/25/2635310/official-brett-emerton-joins-sydney-fc-on-three-year-deal He is still showing at Rovers on your Beta update mate.
  7. Sorry, didnt read what i was typing. I want to uninstall the hotfix as i didnt have any issues with the game anyway and I do like to use FMRTE.
  8. Anyone know how to unistall the hotfix update via Steam?
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