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  1. sorry for late reply. I would like my wide midfilder becoming like beckham,since he's not fast nor great at dribling,but good at crossing. I tried winger-support, also wide midfilder attack or support, as right midfield. Most of my problem is when he's winger, he like to hold the ball then pass instead of cross it directly. sometimes he also sit narrow,so my fullback got space for crosses instead of him I try to put him on fullback position,but he stay in deep position. What I triedis wing back, defend or support, and full back (attack). I always give him PI cross more often,from deep,and dribble less. I cant find PI run from deep often . mentality of my team mostly control,ocasionally changed to counter,but mostly control. team shape always flexible,never changed.
  2. did this database got sauro toma? I do wonder how this man unable to clearance more than 3 metres.
  3. how to increase run from deep frequency from player? My side midfield got decent pace and poor dribling, but good at off the ball,passing,and crossing. He's not run from deep as often as expected.I would likehim to run from deep often,without ball,then cross as soon as possible.
  4. what's the difference with my screnshoot friend? so the solution is buy new windows?
  5. sorry for late reply shockingly,I found 2 folder with same name friend
  6. question about set pieces. my team got 2 central defnder.good in the air. 2 forward and 1 central midfield,also good in the air. 1 is decent header. so total I got at least 6 good jumpers. my question,how to maximize this in set pieces? 1 attack near post, 1 attack far post, 1 chalenge keeper, 1 attack ball from deep.wil the rest better just go forward or stand on far post,flick,etc?
  7. it say doesnt exist. But it does exist,as my previous screenshot show it.. wahts wrong? http://i60.tinypic.com/ibvvoo.png
  8. well bro salaq,I try to do his post,and its failed, just yesterday I dont upload screenshoot.here you go http://i59.tinypic.com/34osxtz.png about dfend,how to use it?
  9. today I done with swapping one by one. howewer,I found error when want to play game. england and brazil cant be checked .the red exclamation sign says team found it sky bet league 1,brazilian first division,and brazilian second division with wrong nation set. when check with my editor,all team in above division, got based nation,continental cup nation, and nation already same with the league place. all sky bet teams are england,and all brazilian team are brazil. another league got no issue and playable still what did I do wrong and what should I do?
  10. my cm already in D:\Program Files\CM9900 ,what should i do friend
  11. ok thanks a lot for your answer well, now I got 3 attacking midfield , and 1 center forward. 2 or 3 of them are in attack role. my set is Left winger (inside forward) central attacking midfield (could be shadow striker ,adv playmaker,or trequarista,but always on attack role) right winger (Inside forward) .the forward role is not yet determined that I keep changing his role. my team using control mentality,flexible. no other team instruction nor PI are instructed yet. My problem is,when I'm attacking,especially at counters, either my AMC or ST will dribbling forward. but,the problem, is only one of them who will bomb forward,which is the one who is dribbling the ball. when AMC dribbling forward,he will past my strikers,and my strikers stay few distance before penalty areas and when my ST dribbling forward, my AMC stay at his place so it like I always got AMC who stay at his place. both of my winger are far wide (even when I tried to play narrower) from the strikers. so my central attacker ,most of the time, will shoot from outside of penalty area. previously I'm using support role on ST, false nine, complete forward,deep lying forward. last 2 match I put him as complete forward-attack. still,the issue not yet resolved thats why I'm thinking about poacher and advanced forward.hoping that they will stay high up on the pitch,forcing my AMC to dribble forward,but got option as my ST wont drop deep anymore.
  12. and how about 3rd division?most of 3rd division got no team in editor that I dont even know how many team should be there
  13. okay thanks.I'll swap one by one then I still curious, what is "type" and "competition level" in details tab for?
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