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  1. This issue should now be fixed if you relaunch Steam.
  2. [15.2] {7.3} All Financials Gone

    Thanks for the reports. Can you try going to the Preferences screen and hitting "Reset" please? That should restore the salary displays.
  3. Editor Issues

    Sounds like you've not yet updated to the full version. Have you entered the code from the box that arrived? Once you enter that and unlock the full game, the editor will appear in the tools section.
  4. The precise download size will be different depending on your platform, PC, Mac or Linux. But the 14.1.2 is the important bit, you're good to go.
  5. Just to clarify, did you buy a boxed copy of the game or a digital one? If digital, has the retailer followed up the pre-order code they sent you with a second code? If they have only sent you a pre-order code so far, it won't work if you try entering it again.
  6. The pre-order beta period ended today, so if you had been playing the game using your pre-order Steam key, this is why the game has been removed from your library tonight. To get access back, you just need to enter a code for the full game. If you have a boxed copy, this code will be on the back of your manual. If you bought a digital copy, then the retailer should have sent you a code for the full game. To activate your full game code follow these steps: - In the Steam client, go to +ADD A GAME at the bottom-left of the window - Then select Activate a product on Steam - Enter your Steam code This will then automatically either update your beta version of the game to the full version or, if you had uninstalled the beta, it'll download the full version of the game anew.
  7. In that case could you please try contacting Steam support (https://support.steampowered.com/) and they'll be able to check your activation code and games library and hopefully resolve this for you. Unfortunately we can't do anything with your Steam account ourselves, but I'm sure they will be able to help you out. Let me know how you get on.
  8. Just to confirm - the "pre-load" issue mentioned in the opening post is now fixed in Hong Kong.
  9. Is there any chance you have more than one Steam account and have signed into the wrong one? If you're definitely using the correct Steam account, can you double check in your Steam client's library page that the view is set to "All Games" please.
  10. Hi mrnerdbox - what code are you trying to enter to activate the game? If you ordered a boxed copy of the game, make sure you're activating using the code printed on the back of your manual.
  11. FM13 Data Editor

    Are you sure that you have upgraded to the full version? On the main menu screen of the game, there should be no text saying "BETA" in the bottom right corner. If you didn't already, try entering the code on the back of your manual in Steam by following the steps Anti Spiral quoted 2 posts above this one.
  12. What country are you in, teapotao? There were some issues affecting customers in Hong Kong overnight, but these have been resolved as of this morning.
  13. The database is still version 13.0.0. The game itself is version 13.1.1 and you can double-check that by going to the "FM" menu in game and selecting "About Football Manager".
  14. Save games from the beta are compatible with the full game, so you can continue playing them without problem. And yes, that's the full game, enjoy!