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  1. I do, but that’s never been a problem before. It turns out that simply rebooting my PC has sorted the problem, so possibly a driver not loading properly.
  2. I'm currently on my 4th season and everything has been working well up until this evening. When going to any screen that has scroll bars the scroll bars now just scroll up and down on thier own, for instance if I try to scroll down my squad list the scroll bar will automatically jump back up to the top making it impossible to select any player. I've looked at the preferences and even when I hover the mouse over a drop down box it will automatically scroll through the options wheter I want it to or not. This only happens on FM20 any other application that I open the mouse works fine and I dont have any issues with scroll bars or drop down boxes. I have also cleared the cache and reset the skin preferences as well as changing the screen resolution from 1920 x 1080 to windowed mode. Please help !
  3. I've just received this message to, in my second season game was running fine and then just stopped
  4. I have created my own view for the schedule which includes, the attendance, goal scorers, etc, but every time I go in to the schedule I have to selected my preferred named view that I have created as it switches back to the default view.
  5. I have bad eyes sight even with glasses and I’m finding the UI to be cluttered and very difficult to understand, and after just 20 minutes my head is hurting. I also feel that the PS2 graphics for creating your avatar are embarrassing and really cannot be considered a step forward. I’m hoping that there will be some decent skins for the game from third party members after release otherwise I’ll be stepping back to FM19.
  6. Its a weird coincidence that Pro Evo 2020 and FM2020 have both gone with the purple theme. What's the fascination with purple this year ?
  7. Well that was a rather tepid announcement this year. It was simply FM20 is coming out in Nov 2019. Lets hope the feature details come with a bit more excitement attached
  8. It’s the little details like this that I feel the game misses out on, large overhauling certain systems like training etc is all well and good but let’s not forget the other areas of the game.
  9. I always enjoy the LLM of Football Manager, however the one thing I have always felt lets it down is the sounds on match day. For example my last game had 124 people in attendance and yet the audio for the crowd never changes and sounds like there are thousands of people in attendance. I just feel in the most realistic Football Manager game on the market certain aspects such as sound and even the look of the lower league grounds needs to be looked at in greater detail. That brings me on to the stadiums themselves, the ground capacity for my club was a little over 2000 and yet there was a large stand on every side of the pitch. Which is just something you wouldn't see unless they were ground sharing.
  10. I'm trying to create the lower league database for the English league, but have already hit a slight problem. Level 7 of the Pyramid has 4 leagues where 1 Team from each is automatically promoted to the National League North/South and then there is a playoff where 4 teams in each league play and the winner from each play another winner to determine who gets promoted. (Hope that makes sense) When I set up the playoffs for these leagues, I get an error message on test saying "Conflicting top playoff between English Regional Divisions and English Istmian League Premier Division" Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have just reloaded my game and because it crashed it obviously hadn't saved, so I played another friendly and tried to reproduce, it allowed me to select player watch absolutely fine during the game, but at half time the option was no longer there to select so I'm not really sure what to say as in the other friendly that I played the option was there at half time, hence the crash dump.
  12. Pre Season friendly and I got to half time, and I was just clicking around the different options and clicked on Player Watch, the game crashed and created the crash dump. FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 20.51.28).dmp
  13. I launched a gaming channel in August 2017 and will soon be starting my Football Manager 2018 lets play series called Road to Riches. I will start in the lower part of the English football league and make my way (hopefully) to the highest clubs in the country/world. If you would like to be part of this series from the ground up then subscribe to my channel. There will be other FM 2018 content coming as well. In preparation for this series I would love some suggestions on starting clubs so please feel free to comment below. Heizenblog Gaming Channel
  14. I like this idea as I'm all for having more lower/non leagues being playable out of the box, I imagine it's more to do with having researchers for all the teams though.
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