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  1. The amount of polish and effort that goes into these teasers, I often wonder if they could put the same effort in to the match engine. 😉
  2. Would love a new nextgen style ME but somehow I feel it’s not going to happen. Hopefully in the next few weeks we still see with announcements.
  3. One on Ones annoy me, no matter how good my striker is I can guarantee they will miss a one on one more often than not, and yet the opposition will score more one on ones.
  4. I thought that might be the case, just hoped there might be another way, thanks
  5. I currently manage Cheltenham Town and have a first team (obviously) and an under 18 squad, but I have players that need game experience so I need a reserve team. Is there anyway to setup a reserve squad ? I
  6. I always use the trial option, pre season I have so many friendliest and trial players.
  7. I always love the first game of the season as it’s a chance to see my players in their first proper match, and I love cup matches especially if I’m on a bit of a run.
  8. I’ve never successfully been reappointed to an old club despite trying on many occasions.
  9. I don’t think it too easy, I personally struggle with success in the game since FM18
  10. Have you pressed advanced setup where you can select the countries you want involved ?
  11. Never used sim I all the time I’ve been playing and never intend to.
  12. I do, but that’s never been a problem before. It turns out that simply rebooting my PC has sorted the problem, so possibly a driver not loading properly.
  13. I'm currently on my 4th season and everything has been working well up until this evening. When going to any screen that has scroll bars the scroll bars now just scroll up and down on thier own, for instance if I try to scroll down my squad list the scroll bar will automatically jump back up to the top making it impossible to select any player. I've looked at the preferences and even when I hover the mouse over a drop down box it will automatically scroll through the options wheter I want it to or not. This only happens on FM20 any other application that I open the mouse works fin
  14. I've just received this message to, in my second season game was running fine and then just stopped
  15. I have created my own view for the schedule which includes, the attendance, goal scorers, etc, but every time I go in to the schedule I have to selected my preferred named view that I have created as it switches back to the default view.
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