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  1. Listern to this kid... 'He's set the players/Team up right so that means he should win every game. This is football lad.. welcome to the most random sport in the world.
  2. I don't know if you're struggling for researchers but how can you get away with making a player -9 and then put zero stats into their profile? Nicola Armini for Lazio is the player in comment. It would of took the Lazio/Italian researcer 2 mins to look up that he was 182 on transfermarket. Worst researched database in FM history. My god, standards are slipping. *
  3. Yeah there's through balls. I'm seeing the 10 (CAM) pass between the CB and FB gap for the winger to run on to quite a lot. I just hope they've not over done it.
  4. Props to SI on this update. The match engine seems 100% better. Less ping pong stuff more smooth play. Finally FM18 has arrived.
  5. Totally agree. The match engine in 17 seemed alot cleaner than 18.
  6. Any news on this? I can't stand the 3-d pitch in the background between highlights.
  7. Do these show up in the background instead of the 3-d pitch when you play a game?
  8. Why is the editor not coming up in Tools on Steam? Just read post above.. No worries.
  9. It sounds like he's ready to challenge his dad, get him off the vista and on to the full game. I'm currently going head to head with my 12 year old in the Portuguese league. He did the double in the first season with Benfica (i thought about grounding him after he beat me in the cup final) The second season was a different story though. I ran away with the league and put this new comer in his place. I've also got a 9 year old who's dying to get in on the action but i don't think he's ready to take on a team of his own yet. Some epic family battles lie ahead.
  10. Platini has said today that the teams that fall foul of the FFP rules won't be suspended from European competitions (What a surprise) So i was thinking is there anyway to delete the rule from the game in the editor?
  11. Do the winners of the Europa League in the 14-15 season qualify for the Champions League or has it not been included in the game? Cheers.
  12. Where can I find the manual save spots? My son has auto saved over my game also called auto save, i'm trying to get it back before I ground his arse and stop his pocket money for a week.
  13. Press Shift + Alt + F10 on the black screen and that should sort it out. It worked for me.
  14. Yeah because Everton would never sell him for 20 million. It's not very realistic is it. The game seems to have gone backwards since 12 and that's the first time I've ever thought that about a CM/FM game. They usually improve year on year but 13 seems a bit of a mess.
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